CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 Social Studies 2020

Annual Examination


Subject: Social Studies

Time: 3 hour/M.M.-80

Note:All questions are compulsory.

(Very short answer question- 1 mark each)

1- Who was the ruler of France during French Revolution?

2- Where is Baster located?

3- How does annual growth rate of population calculated?

4- What is a drainage basin?

5- Which party is ruling over Zimbabwe since independence?

6- What is multicropping system?

7- How many members did the constituent assembly have?

(Short answer question- Do any 11, 3 marks each)                

8- Write a short note on reign of terror in France.

9- Which laws were made to improve the status of women in the French society?

10- What were the three major demands of the Bolsheviks?

11- What do you know about Samin’s challenge?

12- Give any three arguments in favors of democracy?

13- What are benefits of rivers to human beings?

14- In what ways does the lok sabha exercise more powers than the rajya sabha?

15- Explain the any three characteristics of the northern plain of India?

16- What was PRI? What dirty tricks did it play to win elections in Mexico?

17- What is Green Revolution? What is its importance? Give any three.

18- Classify various activities into primary, secondary and tertiary sector?

19- What are the dimensions? Mention any three.

20- How were forest classified on the basis of the forest Act, 1878.

(Long answer question- Do any 7, 5 marks each)

21- What were the main causes of the French Revolution? Discuss any five?

22- Explain any five ways in which the life’s of villagers were affected by the forest Act under British rule?

23- What are the fundamental rights? Mention the six fundamental right provided by the Indian constitution. Which fundamental right protects the rest of the fundamental rights?

24- Discuss the significant differences between the Himalayas Rivers and the Peninsular Rivers?

25- Explain any five ideals of the preamble of the Indian constitution?

26- Why 82 Degree 30 Minutes east has been as the standard meridian of India?

27- What does unemployment mean? What types of unemployment we have in rural area?

28- State the chief characteristics of the rainy season in India?

29- Which non-farm activities are practiced in Palampur? Explain each.

30- Locate these items in the physical map of India –(1 mark each)

i) Karakoram range

ii) Jim Corbett national park

iii) State having lowest density of population

iv) A place receiving rain fall over 400 cm.

v) Thar desert

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