Class 9 Information Technology Sample Paper Term 2 Set-1

Information Technology (Subject Code: 402) 

Class: IX (Term 2 Examination)

Time Allowed: 1 Hour/ Max Marks: 25

General Instructions: 

There are 3 Sections in this paper.

Attempt all questions.

There is internal choice in Section C.


Multiple Choice Questions: (5 x 1=5)


1. An Entrepreneurs create ____________ opportunities , to grow the country economy.

a) Money

b) Credit

c) Business

d) None of these


2. In which business raw materials are converted into tangible product?

a) Service business

b) Merchandising business

c) Trading business

d) Manufacturing business


3. In a _________ there are two or more Partners.

a) One person company

b) Partnership

c) Limited liability Partnership

d) None of these


4. Which organization has made the Sustainable Development Goals?

a) United Nations

b) League of Nations


d) World Health Organisation


5. __________ means giving a new look to the old product and making it look desirable.

a) Reuse

b) Recycle

c) Up cycling

d) None of the above



Multiple Choice Questions: (10 x 1=10)

6. ___________ help us to see patterns.

a) Graphs

b) Charts

c) Spreadsheets

d) Calculations


7. In a computer spreadsheet block of cells are called _____________

a) range

b) column

c) workbook

d) function


8. In a computer, if custom format is #, # # # then 1500 will be displayed as

a) 150,00

b) 15,00

c) 1,500

d) 15,000


9. In an Electronic spreadsheet, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX are examples of

a) functions

b) calculations

c) formulas

d) relative addressing


10. Absolute reference is created by adding:

a) $ sign

b) * sign

c) @ sign

d) # sign


11. ____________ is/are an online presentation software.

a) Ms-office 365 powerpoint

b) Google presentation

c) Microsoft skydrive powerpoint

d) All of the above


12. Extension of file in impress is ____________________

a) .odf 

b) .odn 

c) .odp

d) .opd


13. Which toolbar has icon to save the presentation?

a) Formatting

b) Standard

c) Status

d) None of the above


14. To publish the presentation on the web save it in _______ format.

a) Pdf

b) Png

c) html

d) None of the above


15. __________ view shows only slide text inside the Workspace in the form of a structure.

a) Normal

b) Outline

c) Notes

d) Slide Sorter




Answer any 5 of the following questions.(5 x 2=10)

16. Write any 2 uses of spreadsheet.


17. Differentiate between row and column.


18. Answer the questions based on the following worksheet.

a) What is the address of the first cell represented by range1?

b) What is the cell range represented by range2?

c) Write the cell range represented by range 3.

d) Give the number of cells in the cell range represented by range 3.

9 IT


19. Name any four types of charts that can be created in libre office calc.


20. List the possible multimedia contents that are included while creating a presentation.


21. What objects can be inserted to slides in impress?


22. What are the five views of presentation?

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