Self Management Skills Questions and Answers Class 9

Multiple Choice Questions: ( 1 mark )

1. Stress is identified as a condition in which a person is ……..

A) tensed

B) worried

C) relaxed

D) both (A) and (B)

Answer (D)


2. What plays a major role in reaction to stress

A) Emotions

B) Personality

C) Confidence

D) None of these

Answer (B)


3. The feeling of self-awareness enhances our……..

A) Self-confidence

B) Self-monitoring

C) Self-Regulation

D) All of the above

Answer (A)


4. The internal stress caused by ……..

A) pent-up worries

B) laziness

C) survival stress

D) experiences

Answer (A)


5. ……… is not a symptom of stress?

A) Increased sweating

B) Cold hands or feet

C) Dry mouth

D) None of these

Answer (D)


6. What is ‘M’ in the ‘SMART’ goal setting method

A) Must

B) Meaning

C) Measurable

D) None of these

Answer (C)


7. What is ‘S’ in the ‘SMART’ method of goal setting?

A) Smart

B) Special

C) Speed

D) Specific

Answer (D)


8. Physical exercise is used as a stress management technique because

A) It improves blood circulation

B) improves self-image

C) make us feel better

D) All of the above

Answer (D)


9. Stress management prevents ________

A) psychological disorders

B) behavioural problems

C) both of the above

D) none of the above

Answer (C)


10. Self-Reliance means _____

A) Ability to Work Independently

B) Complete the task effectively

C) Both of the above

D) None of the above

Answer (C)



Short Answer Questions (2 mark )

1. What do you mean by self – management skills?

Your ability to regulate and control your actions, feelings, and thoughts is referred to as self-management skills. It also helps to improve personal and academic goals.

Self-management can also helps in the following areas:-

  • Reaching your goals
  • Developing good habits
  • Overcoming challenges and difficulties
  • Overcoming bad habits


2. What are the different practices of self management skills?

Self – management skills are –

  1. Self – awareness – Ability to control your values, likes, strengths, dislikes and weaknesses, etc.
  2. Self – control – Holding the ability to control your behavior, discipline, and so on.
  3. Self – confidence – Believe in yourself and don’t be scared to take risks.
  4. Problem solving – Understanding a problem and finding the solution.
  5. Self motivation – Try to complete your tasks without any external help.
  6. Personal hygiene – Be healthy, clean and smart
  7. Positive thinking – Expressing certainty or affirmation even in tough situations
  8. Teamwork – Work in team to complete the goals
  9. Time management – According to your plan, achieve the task on time.
  10. Goal setting – Plan and accomplish the goals within a timeframe.


3. Write a short note on the factors influencing self – management.

Factors influencing the self – management are patients, cognitive, mental, and behavioral ability to identify disease – related symptoms, seek treatment, and to identify physical, psychological and


4. Qualities of self – confidence?

Qualities of self – confident people –

  1. Self – belief – Always believe in yourself and respect the failures, make you successful in life.
  2. Hard Work – Work hard to achieve the goal, don’t be afraid of failures.
  3. Positive Attitude – Positive attitude means focusing on the goal and trying to achieve.


5. How to build self – confidence?

There are three steps to build self – confidence are as follows –

  1. Step 1: Appreciate achievements & accept failures.
  2. Step 2: Make a goal and try to achieve.
  3. Step 3: Always look on the positive side and be happy.


6. What are the factors that decrease self – confidence?

Some of the factors which decrease self – confidence

  • When we think we are unable to complete a task.
  • When you feel bad from the past mistakes, and unmotivated.
  • After failure in the first attempt, do not try again to achieve the goal.
  • When we are surrounded by people who have negative thoughts.


7. What is the importance of positive thinking?

An person’ attitude can be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Positive thinking helps to be successful in life because positive people are always improving themselves. but  negative people are always worrying and looking for the bad in things, they never try to overcome the challenges.

Positive thinking produces positive outcomes for you, such as 

  • Overcoming challenges
  • Always be energetic
  • Helping others will help you to overcome the challenge of the work.
  • Be happy and make others happy.


8. What is the importance of personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is very important in our daily life because it helps us

  • Create a good image of ourselves
  • Stay healthy
  • Avoid feeling ashamed in public due to our bad breath, body odour, etc.


9. What is the importance of Grooming?

The act of putting on clothes is known as dressing. Grooming is the act of making oneself appear neat, orderly, and smart.

Benefits of Dressing and grooming in daily life

  • Look smart
  • Make a good impression of ourselves
  • Feel confident about ourselves

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