Chapter 13 Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10 IT

A. Multiple choice questions

1. Workplace safety is essential in organisation ____________.
(a) to avoide the accident and injury
(b) to increase the productivity
(b) to improve the work environment
(d) All of the above

Answer:(d) All of the above 


2. Which of the following is not mandatory to keep the good health of an employee?
(a) Cleanliness
(b) Food court
(c) Clean and fresh air
(d) Clean washroom

Answer:(b) Food court 


3. The security department is not responsible for __________.
(a) personal safety
(b) computer system and equipment safety
(c) electrical safety
(d) personal belongings

Answer:(d) personal belongings 


4. The proper security procedures will increase ____________.
(a) liabilities
(b) insurance
(c) business revenue
(d) operational charges of the company

Answer:(c) business revenue 


5. Which kind of hazards can occur in IT industry?
(a) Biological
(b) Chemical
(c) Physical
(d) Ergonomic

Answer:(d) Ergonomic 

Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

6. Which of the following can cause hazards while using computers?
(a) Poor sitting postures or excessive duration of sitting in one position
(b) Lifting heavy object
(c) Mishandling of tools and equipment
(d) Improper handling of office equipment

Answer:(a) Poor sitting postures or excessive duration of sitting in one position 


7. Which of the following statements is likely to result in an injury to the operator?
(a) Selecting the right tool for the job
(b) Wearing safety goggles or glasses
(c) Using a tool with loose handles
(d) Keeping cutting tools sharp

Answer:(c) Using a tool with loose handles 


8. What are the potential cause of hazards at workplace?
(a) Poor ventilation
(b) Poor lighting
(c) Poor housekeeping
(d) All of the above

Answer:(d) All of the above 


Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

B. Fill in the blanks

1. Health of an employee is the state of the physical, _______________ and ______________ well being.

mental, social


2. The work places must be cleaned in the _________________ before the people start working.



3. A proper ____________ provide clean and cool air at the workplace.

air conditioning


4. A fresh food cafeteria helps to maintain the ___________ of the employee.



5. The work environment of the organisation must be ___________ and free from ___________ and ___________.

safe, hazards, risk

Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

6. The proper security procedures will increase the ____________ and will reduce the _______________ of the company.

business revenue, operational charges


7. Injuries and illness of the employees is prevented through national policy on ____________________.

Occupational Health and Safety


8. Physical hazards occurs due to ____________.

physical work environment


9. Electrical hazards mostly caused due to coming in direct contact with ____________, or indirect contact through a ____________.

live wires, conductor


10. Hazards while using computers occurs due to ___________ or excessive duration of sitting in ________________.

poor sitting postures, one position

Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

C. State whether the following statements are True or False.

1. The employer and employees are responsible for workplace safety. [True]

2. Any injury at work should be reported to the supervisor immediately. [True]

3. No matter how big or small the injury; the injured person should receive medical attention. [True]

4. While working with machines and equipment, employees must follow the safety guidelines set by the company. [True]

5. Bright light sources behind the display screen can create contrast problems. [True]

6. Exposure to bright lights and toxic fumes and vapour could damage the mouth and ears. [False]

7. The use of personal protective clothing and equipment can control the hazards at workplace. [True]

8. Do not throw rubbish daily. [True]

9. Proper handling of office equipment can result in injuries. [False]

10. Stress at workplace can cause hazard in today’s organisation. [True]

Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

D. Short answer questions.

1. Briefly explain the concept of health, safety and security at workplace.


  • Health refers to the overall well-being of employees, including physical, mental, and social aspects.
  • Safety involves protecting employees from work-related injuries and accidents.
  • Security includes measures to protect employees and organizational assets from threats like theft, violence, and natural disasters.


2. State the most important reasons for health, safety and security programs in workplace.


  • To ensure the well-being and productivity of employees.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, leading to lower costs.
  • To create a positive work environment and enhance employee morale.


3. List out the various workplace safety hazards.


  • Physical hazards (e.g., machinery, heights)
  • Chemical hazards (e.g., toxic substances)
  • Biological hazards (e.g., bacteria, viruses)
  • Ergonomic hazards (e.g., repetitive strain)
  • Psychosocial hazards (e.g., stress, harassment)


4. List out the potential sources of hazards in an organisation.


  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Inadequate training
  • Hazardous substances
  • Poor workplace design
  • Non-compliance with safety protocols


5. List some of the IT workplace hazards.


  • Ergonomic issues from prolonged computer use
  • Eye strain from screen glare
  • Electrical hazards from equipment
  • Data security risks
  • Stress from high job demands

Health Safety and Security at Workplace Question Answer Class 10

6. What are the examples of potential hazards?


  • Slippery floors leading to falls
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals causing health issues
  • Excessive noise causing hearing loss
  • Repetitive tasks leading to musculoskeletal disorders


7. Describe information technology workplace hazards.


  • Prolonged sitting and poor posture causing back and neck pain
  • Constant exposure to screens causing eye strain and headaches
  • Repetitive movements like typing causing carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cybersecurity threats from handling sensitive information


8. What are the workplace safety rules?


  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Follow all safety procedures and protocols.
  • Report any hazards or unsafe conditions immediately.
  • Participate in safety training programs.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area.


9. List out different safety guidelines?


  • Conduct regular safety audits and inspections.
  • Ensure proper labeling and storage of hazardous materials.
  • Provide adequate training on emergency procedures.
  • Install and maintain safety equipment like fire extinguishers.
  • Promote a culture of safety through communication and leadership.


10. Describe type of emergency with example.


  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes.
    • Example: An earthquake requires evacuation plans and earthquake-resistant infrastructure.
  • Technological Emergencies: Chemical spills, power outages.
    • Example: A chemical spill requires immediate evacuation and containment procedures.
  • Human-Caused Events: Fires, workplace violence.
    • Example: A fire requires fire drills, extinguishers, and clear evacuation routes.

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