(New) CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 Mathematics 2021

Annual Examination


Time: 3:00 hour/ M.M.80

Sub- Mathematics

General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. The question paper consist of 40 questions divided into four sections A, B, C and D. Section A comprises of 20 questions of 1 mark each, Section B comprises of 6 questions of 2 marks each and Section C comprises of 8 questions of 3 marks each and Section D comprises of 6 questions of 4 marks each. There is no overall choice, but internal choice is provided in some questions.


1- Which of the following is a rational number?

a) 1+√3

b) π

c) 2√3

d) 0

2- If (x+1) is a factor of the polynomial (2x2+kx) then K=?

a) 4

b) -3

c) 2

d) -2

3- x2-4x-21=?

a) (x-7)(x-3)

b) (x+7)(x-3)

c) (x-7)(x+3)

d) none of these

4- In which of the following figures are the diagonal equals?

a) Parallelogram

b) Rhombus

c) Trapezium

d) Rectangle

5- Two parallelograms are on equal base and between the same parallel lines. The ratio of their area is

a) 1:2

b) 1:1

c) 2:1

d) 3:1

6- Angles in the same segment of a circle are :-

a) Equal

b) Complementary

c) Supplementary

d) none of these

7- In a ∆ABC, it is given that bas =12cm and height=5cm.It’s area is

a) 60cm2

b) 30cm2

c) 15√3cm2

d) 30cm2

8- The lateral surface area of a cylinder is

a) πr2

b) πrh

c) 2πr2

d) 2πrh

9- Mode of the data 15,17,19,15,14,18,15,14,16,15,14,20,19,14 is

a) 14

b) 15

c) 16

d) 17

10- A coin is tossed 60 times and the tail appears 35 times. In a random throw of a coin, what is the probability of getting a head?

a) 7/12

b) 12/7

c) 5/12

d) 1/25

11- Probability of an event lies between _______and________.

12- (a3+b2) = (a+ b) (_______)

13- x3+y3+z3-3xyz= (_______)(x2+y2+z2_______)

14- The equation of the X-axis is _______.

15- Area of equilateral triangle =_______.

16- Find the rational number between 3/8 and 2/5.

17- If surface area of a sphere is 676π cm2, then find its radius.

18- Simplify :- 71/2 x 81/2

19- Two opposite angles of a parallelogram are (3x-98)0 and (50-x) 0. Find the measure of each angle of the parallelogram.

20- Find the value of (249)2-(248)2.

21- In a cricket match, a bats woman hits a boundary 6 times out of 30 balls she plays. Find the probability that she did not hit a boundary.

22- Find the mean, median and mode of the following data.

10, 15, 18, 10, 10, 20, 10, 20, 15, 21, 15, 25

Using Heron’s formula, find the area of an equilateral triangle whose perimeter is 24 cm.

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