11 CS Practical

Practical List for Class 11 Computer Science (083) suggested by CBSE for Session 2024-25.


Programming Language- Python

Practical File for Class 11 Computer Science

Here are the programs which are suggested by CBSE for Computer Science Practical File class 11. Students should learn and practice  these python programs. 


Program 1: Input a welcome message and display it.


Program 2: Input two numbers and display the larger / smaller number.


Program 3:Input three numbers and display the largest / smallest number


Program 4: Generate the pyramid patterns using nested loop.


Program 5:Determine whether a number is a perfect number, an armstrong number or a palindrome.


Program 6:Input a number and check if the number is a prime or composite number.


Program 7:Display the terms of a Fibonacci series.


Program 8:Compute the greatest common divisor and least common multiple of two integers.


Program 9:Count and display the number of vowels, consonants, uppercase, lowercase characters in string.


Program 10:Input a string and determine whether it is a palindrome or not; convert the case of characters in a string.


Program 11: Find the largest/smallest number in a list/tuple


Program 12: Input a list of numbers and swap elements at the even location with the elements at the odd location.


Program 13: Input a list/tuple of elements, search for a given element in the list/tuple.


Program 14: Input a list of numbers and find the smallest and largest number from the list.


Program 15: Create a dictionary with the roll number, name and marks of n students in a class and display the names of students who have scored marks above 75.

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