Class 12 Computer Science Project in Python

Class 12 Computer Science Project in Python

Class 12 Computer Science Project in Python

In this article you will find Computer Science/ Informatics Practices Investigatory Projects for Class XI/ XII using Python, MySQL, Random, Tkinter,Turtle, CSV, Numpy, pandas, matplotlib etc. with executable source code.

Here are some Computer Science Project in Python Class 11-12 that can be helpful for the students. Students are advised to take an overview of the source code and try themselves to execute the program.  If you found any problem or error in execution, kindly mention it in the comment box given below the project. 


Python Projects for Class 12

The aim of the class project is to create something that is tangible and useful using Python file handling/ Python-SQL connectivity. This should be done in groups of two to three students and should be started by students at least 6 months before the submission deadline. The aim here is to find a real world problem that is worthwhile to solve.


Project 1. Book Store Management


Project 2. Library Management System


Project 3. Hospital Management System


Project 4. Hospital Management System GUI MySQL Connectivity and Tkinter


Project 5. ATM Management



Project 6. Bank Management using MySQL Connectivity



Project 7. Cricket Game



Project 8. COVID-19 Data Visualization



Project 9. Real Time Currency Converter



Project 10. Industrial Gate Management System



Computer Science Projects for Class 11

Project 11.  Simple Calculator


Project 12. Number System Converter


Project 13. Get Electronic Configuration by Atomic Number or Symbol


Project 14. Python Program to Know Atomic Mass of First 30 Elements

Project 15. KBC Quiz Game in Python 



Check Out More Python programs/ Projects

Happy Diwali Wish using Python Turtle

Alarm Clock

Digital clock

QR Code Generator

Draw Indian Flag

Rainbow Generator

Love Calculator

Car Race Project using pygame


Students are encouraged to visit local businesses and ask them about the problems that they are facing. Students can be extremely creative here. They can use a wide variety of Python libraries to create user friendly applications such as games, software for their school, software for their disabled fellow students, and mobile applications, of course to do some of these projects, some additional learning is required; this should be encouraged. Students should know how to teach themselves.

So these were some Class 12 Computer Science Project in Python. I hope you found them helpful. Some more Computer Science Project will be uploaded soon.