New CBSE Sample Paper 2021 class 9 Science

Annual Examination


Time: 3 hour/ M.M.-80

Subject- Science

All questions are compulsory.

Section-A (Physics)

1- What kind of energy is possessed by the following – (1)

i) A stone kept on roof- top

ii) A running car

2- Name the scientist who gave the three laws of planetary motion.(1)

3- The density of gold is 19 g/cm3 find the volume of 95 g of gold. (2)

4- Derive the formula S= ut +1/2 at2. Where the symbols have usual meanings.(2)

5- A person of mass 50 kg climbs a tower of height 72 m. Calculate the work done. (g= 9.8 m/s2). (2)

6- (i) Explain why the tip of a sewing needle is sharp? (1)

(ii) If the weight of a body on the earth is 6N, what will it be on the moon? (2)

7- (i) What do you meant by ‘Kinetic energy’ and ‘potential energy’? Write the formula for each.(2)

(ii) Name the devices which convert : (1)

a) Mechanical energy in to electrical energy.

b) Chemical energy in to electrical energy.

8- Explain the term ‘amplitude’, ‘frequency’ and wavelength. Draw the diagram of a wave and mark its amplitude on it. (3)

9- (i) What is sound? What type of waves are sound waves in air? (2.5)

(ii) A sound signal of 128 vibrations per second has a wavelength 2.7 m. Calculate the speed with which the wave travels.(2.5)

10- (i) Explain the characteristics of sound.(2.5)

(ii) Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the human ear.(2.5)

 Section- B (Chemistry)

11- Name the element used as a standard for atomic mass scale. (1)

12- Name the shell of an atom can accommodate a maximum of : (1)

(i) 8 electrons (ii) 32 electrons

13- Define solute.(1)

14- Explain why, when a bottle of perfume is opened in a room, we can smell it even from a considerable distance?(2)

15- Name a non-metal : (2)

i) Which is lustrous

ii) Which is required for combusting

iii) Other than carbon which shows allotropy.

iv) This is known to form the largest number of compounds.

16- 5g of sodium chloride dissolves in 60 g of water at 25˚C calculate the solubility of sodium chloride in water at that temperature. (3)

17- What do you mean by atomicity? What is the atomicity of following? (3)

i) Oxygen

ii) Ozone

iii) Neon

iv) Sulphur

18- (a) Calculate the molecular masses :(2)

i) Chloroform (CHCl3)

ii) Ethene (C2H2)

(b) An Element B shows valancies of 4 and 6. Write the formula of its two oxides.(1)

19- (i)Describe the Ruther ford’s model of atom. State the drawback of Rutherford’s model of atom.(2.5)

(ii) What are radioactive isotopes? Give two examples and their uses.(2.5)

20- (i) Explain the formation of: (a) sodium ion (b) chloride ion, and give reason for positive charge on sodium and negative charge on chlorine. (3)

(ii) How many atoms are there in 0.25 mole of hydrogen? (2)

Section- C (Biology)

21- Who is known as father of taxonomy? (1)

22- Define Atmosphere.(1)

23- Write in expanded form.(2)

i) C.F.C

ii) PPIP

24- Give any four differences between monocot and dicot seed. (2)

25- Give any four differences between mitochondria and chloroplast. (2)

26- Why plasma membrane is called a selectively permeable membrane and also makes a clean diagram of Plant cell.(3)

27- (i)Give a neat and clean diagram of cardiac muscles. (1)

(ii) Write any four differences of striated muscles and smooth muscles. (2)

28- (i) Name the locomotary organs of amoeba and paramecium. (1)

(ii) Give one difference between amphibians and reptiles.(1)

(iii) Classify the following based on number of chambers in their heart – Rohu, Frog, Bat , crocodile. (1)

29- (i) Differentiate two between flying lizard and bird and also draw clean diagram of bird. (2)

(ii) Write name of a few thallophytes. Draw a labelled diagram of spirogyra .(2)

(iii) Write down two characters of mammals give two examples. (1)

30- (i) What are biogeochemical cycles? (1)

(ii) Write any two acid rain chemicals name. (1)

(iii) Draw diagram of nitrogen cycle. (2)

(iv) Prepare a flow chart of different type of diseases.(1)



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