Database Management System MCQ Class 10 


1. Which of the following is not a database programs?

a) MySQL

b) Oracle

c) Writer

d) OObase


2. Duplication of data is called _________.

a) Inconsistency

b) Consistency

c) Redundancy

d) Foreign Key


3. Which of the following is not the advantage of database?

a) Sharing of Data

b) Reduce Data Redundancy

c) Increase Data Inconsistency

d) Data Securit


4. Which of the following will help to maintain unique record in the table?

a) Foreign Key

b) Primary Key

c) Composite Key

d) Alternate Key


5. A foreign key is a reference of the ________ key in another table.

a) Alternate

b) Primary

c) Candidate

d) None of the above


6. SQL stands for _________________

a) Structured Queue Language

b) Structured Query Language

c) Structured Query Lang

d) None of the above


7. We can create query (in Open Office Base) in _______________________

a) In design view

b) Using wizard

c) Both of the above

d) None of the above


8. Which of the following will occupy more space in computer memory?

a) Bigint

b) Integer

c) Smallint

d) Boolean


9. ____________ is the most common DML command.

a) Delete

b) Update

c) Select

d) All of the above


10. Command to increase the salary of all employees by 15000.(table name emp and column name sal)

a) update emp set sal = sal + 15000;

b) update emp set sal = 15000;

c) update set sal = sal + 15000;

d) None of the above



11. A software package that can be used for creating and managing databases.

a) MS Access

b) OpenOffice Base

c) LibreOffice Base

d) All of these


12. OpenOffice Base is a ________database.

a) relational

b) flat

c) external

d) none of these


13._____ are the building blocks of the database.

a) Reports

b) Forms

c) Fields

d) Tables


14.__________ are the collection of different types of information about the same subject.

a) Tables

b) Records  

c) Fields

d) Reports


15.__________ key is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a table.

a) Candidate

b) Primary

c) Foreign

d) Composite



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16.__________ indicates the type of data any field may store.

a) Data address

b) Data variety

c) Data types

d) Data value


17._________ DDL command is used to create a table.




d) NEW


18. ________DDL command is used to change the structure of a database.






19. Which of these is not a valid category of SQL commands?




d) NEW


20. Table can be created using_________.

a) Table Wizard

b) Table icon

c) Table tool

d) Table command


21. There are _______ types of Relationships in a table.

a) one

b) two

d) three

c) four


22. _________ includes commands to enable users to enter and manipulate data.

a) DCL

b) DDL

c) DML

d) none of these


23. A popular data manipulation language is____________.

a) SQL

b) SML

c) DML

d) none of these


24. The file extension for databases created using OpenOffice.Org Base is

a) .db

b) .dbs

c) .odb

d) .oob


25. Which of the following data types supports alphanumeric characters and special symbols?

a) Text

b) Memo

c) Currency

d) Auto Number


26. Primary key cannot accept_______ values.

a) binary


c) text

d) numeric


27. Data_________ language allows you to alter/update data in a database.

a) manipulation

b) definition

c) truncation

d) control


28. Which of the following is not a DML command?

a) Insert

b) Update

c) Delete

d) Truncate


29. ________ property is used to filter the data either in the ascending or descending order.

a) Sort

b) Arrange

c) Query

d) Criteria


30. __________ helps us to retrieve the filtered data based upon specified conditions.

a) Report

b) Table

c) Query

d) Form


31. The fundamental object of a database that is a collection of information stored in rows and columns format is called____________.

a) Tables

b) Form

c) Query

d) Report


32. ODB stands for

a) Open Office Database

b) Open Document Database

c) Open Database

d) Open Office Base



33. Which of the following software is appropriate to store data about school students?

a) MS-Access

b) Writer

c) Calc

d) Impress


34. Which of the following is not the advantage of database?

a) Sharing of Data

b) Reduce Data Redundancy

c) Increase Data Inconsistency

d) Data Security


35. When primary key is made up of two or more columns then it is called __ primary key.

a) Mixed

b) Reference

c) Composite

d) Compost


36. All the values in ________ are of same type.

a) Records

b) Table

c) Database

d) Fields


37. _______________ are the basic building blocks of a database.

a) Tables

b) Record

c) Field

d) All of the above


37. Which of the following is not valid field of table “Student”

a) adm. no

b) name

c) fees

d) Salary


38. When data is stored, maintained and retrieved from multiple tables then special database software are required called



c) Special DBMS

d) All of the above


39. A field which is ______ for each and every record is called Primary key.

a) Common

b) Same

c) Unique

d) None of the above


40. It is used to establish an association between related tables.

a) Line

b) Relationship

c) Primary Key

d) Records



41. A database stores and processes data in the form of.

a) Rows

b) Columns

c) Tables

d) All of these


42. What name do we give to the database which stores data based on their relevance?

a) Rational

b) Relational

c) Ration

d) Relation


43. What does this > button signify with respect to fields in the Table Wizard window?

a) Add one

b) Remove one

c) Remove selected

d) Add selected


44. Can we assign a composite key as the primary key of a table using the Table Wizard?

a) Yes

b) No

c) May be

d) None of these


45. A primary key should never contain.

a) Whole

b) Composite

c) Incomplete

d) Null  



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46. How many default column headers are present for tables in Design View?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four


47. Name the column header which tells the reader about the type of information stored in a field.

a) Field Name

b) Field Type

c) Description

d) All of these


48. What is the other name of Fixed Length fields? 

a) Dynamic Fields

b) Fixed Fields

c) Static Fields

d) None of these


49. The default Field Length of Text (fix) [CHAR] data type is..

a) 10

b) 20

c) 30

d) 50


50. Which Text type data has the largest storage capacity?

a) Text [VARCHAR]

b) Hyperlink


d) Number


51. Which Whole Number data type has the smallest Field Length?

a) Small Integer

b) Big Integer

c) Tiny Integer  

d) All of these


52. Which Field Property is used to change the date format?

a) Format example

b) Format

c) Format change

d) Change Format


53. Which special data type has a fixed Field Length of 1 space?

a) Binary [VAR]

b) Image [LONG]

c) Yes/No [BOOLEAN]

d) None of these


54. Which column header is used to add a note/comment about the nature of data in a field?

a) Field Name

b) Field Type

c) Description

d) All of these


55. Which Query is used to retrieve data from one or more tables and display the record set in a datasheet?

a) Select

b) Update

c) Cross

d) Drop


56. A query can be previewed by pressing.

a) F1

b) F2

c) F3

d) F4


57. What does the top section of a query window display?

a) Design Grid

b) Tables

c) Both

d) None


58. Which key defines a relationship between two tables?

a) Foreign key

b) Primary key

c) Secondary key

d) Alternate Key


59. How many sections are there in a Query Design window?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four


60. Which key helps to run a query?

a) F2

b) F5

c) F6

d) F8


61. Which view gives more control over a query?

a) Design View

b) Wizard

c) SQL View

d) View


62. Which property allows the user to specify the user defined name for any column? 

a) Visible

b) Alias

c) Records

d) Field





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63. A DBMS allows different user application programs to concurrently access the __________ .

a) same database ✓

b) different spreadsheets

c) different database

d) None of these


64. Databases available on the database servers are accessed through command line or graphic user interface tools referred to as ______________.

a) back-ends

b) front-ends ✓

c) intermediate

d) interfaces


65. A _____________ is the actual text or numerical amount or date that you put in while adding information to your database.

a) record

b) data

c) value ✓

d) entry


66. RDBMS is based on the relational model introduced by

a) Henry Ford

b) E.F.Codd ✓

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of these


67. Primary key can be of three types: ______________, single field primary key and multi-field primary key.

a) auto number ✓

b) auto name

c) auto field

d) auto select


68. ________________ will restrict the amount of data that each data item or value can hold.

a) Data type

b) Data size ✓

c) Data length

d) Data width


69. The _____________ data type stores serialised Java objects.

a) varbinary

b) varchar

c) other variable ✓

d) bigint


70. Reports are used to produce formatted summaries of the data contained from one or more tables or queries in a ___________ format.

a) printed ✓

b) prepared

c) presentation

d) possible


71. The bottom half of the Table Design window displays the ______________ for the field type you have selected.

a) field types

b) field properties ✓

c) field output

d) field design


72. Multiple fields can be selected by holding the ___________ key while selecting the fields.

a) Ctrl ✓

b) Alt

c) Shift

d) Tab


73. A query is a statement that gives you ___________ data according to your conditions and specification.

a) Conditioned

b) Sorted

c) Filtered ✓

d) Closed


74. A foreign key is linked to the primary key of the _______________.

a) same table

b) different table ✓

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of these


75. The ____________ data type stores both date and time.

a) DateTime ✓

b) Timestamp

c) Datestamp

d) DateAndTime


76. Sonali has created a table to store the details of the registered dealers of her company. She has created all the fields as per the requirement. For entering phone number, she is not sure which data type can be used. Suggest her the best data type from the following options for storing phone numbers.

a) Boolean

b) Varchar

c) Integer ✓

d) Float


77. Ragini has created a table named Student_Details in order to store all the details of the student of her class. She has added the following fields: Admission_No, Student_Name, Birth_Date, Address, Joining_Date, Mother_Name, Father_Name. Out of the following fields, which field can be selected as primary key as the entries in it will be unique?

a) Admission_No ✓

b) Birth_Date

c) Student_Name

d) None of these

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