Green Skills Class 12 Questions and Answer

Unit 5: Green Skills

Session 1:  Green Jobs

 Multiple choice questions

1. Rita’s children fall sick very often. They have cold and cough every month. What should Rita do?

(a) Grow organic food in kitchen garden

(b) Use air purifiers with HEPA filters

(c) Keep them inside the house all the time

(d) Paint her house with non-VOC paint

Answer: (b) Use air purifiers with HEPA filters


2. Jaanvi’s children have grown up. They have a lot of clothes that are too small for them now. What should Jaanvi do with these old clothes?

(a) Throw them in the trash can

(b) Burn them

(c) Keep using them even though they are too small

(d) Donate them or make bags out of them

Answer: (d) Donate them or make bags out of them


Short answer question

1. Name any two green jobs in the following sectors.

(i) Construction

Answer: Green Building Consultant, Sustainable Construction Manager


(ii) Renewable energy

Answer:  Solar Panel Installer, Wind Turbine Technician


Session 2:  Importance of Green Jobs

Multiple choice questions

 1. There is a garbage bin in your canteen and it, generally, gets filled beyond capacity every day. What should you do?

(i) Ask the canteen management to get a bigger bin

(ii) Suggest ways to reduce the amount of garbage collected

(iii) Throw garbage on the floor and walk away

(iv) Talk to your friends about the problem


(a) (i), (ii), (iii)

(b) (i), (ii)

(c) (i), (iii), (iv)

(d) (i), (iv)

Answer: (b) (i), (ii)


2. In a steel factory, a lot of utensils are being made. The manager finds a number of defective pieces, which have to be discarded. How can the person minimise the waste?

(a) Give it to kabaadiwala or scrapdealer

(b) Dump it in a landfill site

(c) Send it back to the production line — to be melted

(d) Sell it in market

Answer: (c) Send it back to the production line — to be melted


Short answer questions

1. List some ways by which we can reduce the amount of waste generated.

Answer: To reduce waste generation:

Recycling: Separate recyclable materials like paper, plastic, glass, and metal for recycling.

Composting: Turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for gardens.

Reuse: Use reusable items like water bottles, bags, and containers instead of disposable ones.

Reduce Packaging: Choose products with minimal packaging or opt for eco-friendly packaging options.

Donate or Sell: Give away or sell items that are in good condition but no longer needed.

Buy in Bulk: Purchase items in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

Repair: Fix broken items instead of throwing them away.

Choose Durable Products: Select products made to last longer to reduce frequent replacements.


2. Explain the importance of green jobs in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Answer: Green jobs help cut greenhouse gases by promoting eco-friendly practices in industries like renewable energy and construction. Workers develop solutions like solar power and energy-efficient buildings to reduce fossil fuel use, making the environment cleaner and fighting climate change.

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