Electronic Spreadsheet MCQ Class 10 

In this section we will cover unit 2 Electronic Spreadsheet Multiple choice questions for CBSE Class 10 Information Technology (402).  


1. Computer spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with heavy border is :

a) Active cell

b) Passive cell

c) Locked cell

d) Formatted cell

a) Active cell


2. Rohan selected the 4th row and 3rd column in a spreadsheet. Then what is the cell address?

a) 3C

b) C3

c) 4C

d) C4 

d) C4 


3. Data available in other sheets in a workbook , can be consolidate by :

a) Row label

b) Column Label

c) Both a & b 

d) None of the mentioned

c) Both a & b 


4. Macros must be saved with extension in MS Excel:

a) .xls

b) .xlsm 

c) .vba

d) .xlsx

b) .xlsm 


5. Which programming language does VBA is based on :

a) Visual Basic 

b) Visual studio

c) Visual Base

d) Visual .Net

a) Visual Basic 


6. Which of the following is not a type of referencing in a spreadsheet?

a) Absolute

b) Physical 

c) Relative

d) Mixed

b) Physical 


7. Shortcut to open the list of recorded Macros in MS Excel are

a) Alt+F8 

b) Alt+F5

c) Alt+F4

d) Alt+F7

a) Alt+F8 


8. Macros options is available in Openoffice (Oo) Calc in which tab:

a) Insert

b) Tools 

c) Data

d) Format

b) Tools


9. In Data consolidate what are the operations we can perform___

a) Sum

b) Average

c) Max

d) All of the above 

d) All of the above


10. In a Subtotal function what are the functions can be performed on the group of cells:

a) Sum

b) Count

c) Average

d) All of the above 

d) All of the above


11. To edit a Scenario, right click the name in the Navigator and select________.

a) Properties

b) Scenario 

c) Window

d) Edit

b) Scenario 


12. A_________ is a What if Analysis tool that allows you to substitute set of values automatically in a worksheet.

a) Navigator

b) Scenario 

c) Subtotal

d) Goal Seek

b) Scenario


13. Goal Seek command is found in_________

 a) Data

b) Tools 

c) Format

d) Edit

b) Tools 


14. Shortcut to Navigator is ______

a) F10

b) F8

c) F6

d) F5 

d) F5 


Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 MCQ

15. Rename option is present under Sheet option of____ menu.

a) Insert

b) Data

c) Format ✓

d) Edit


16. To refer a cell from another worksheet, use worksheet number followed by___________ sign and cell address.

a) period (.) ✓

b) equal (=)

c) colon (:)

d) semi colon (;)


17. To create a hyperlink to a webpage, FTP server of Telnet connection, click on________icon.

a) Internet Explorer

b) Document

c) Internet ✓

d) New Document


18. Hyperlink icon is present in ____toolbar.

a) Formattin

b) Hyperlink

c) Drawing

d) Standard ✓


19. To remove a hyperlink, right- click on the hyperlink and select

a) Data Formatting

b) Absolute formatting

c) Default Formatting ✓

d) None of these


20. The Share Document option is present under _____menu.

a) Data

b) Tools

c) Format

d) Insert



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21. To ______ the comment, hover the mouse pointer over the cell that has comment.

a) edit

b) view

c) hide

d) none of these


22. To password protect a worksheet, click on Edit → Changes →______

a) Password

b) Protect Records

c) Password Protect

d) Password


23. Comment option is present under______ menu.

a) Edit

b) File

c) Insert

d) Tools


24. Compare Document option is present under ________menu.

a) File

b) Data

c) Insert

d) Edit


25. The Record Macro option is present under _____menu.

a) Tools

b) Data

c) Format

d) Insert

Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 MCQ

26. You can save time by_____ a series of action to create macro.

a) Joining

b) grouping

c) creating

d) none of these


27. Sort option is present under

a) Data menu

b) Insert menu

c) Edit menu

d) Format menu


28. To delete a Scenario, right click the name in the ________ window and select Delete.


b) Scenario

c) Navigator

d) None of these


29. Name the menu which is used to create scenarios.

a) File

b) Edit

c) Tools

d) Data


30. _________ hyperlink contains a full URL..

a) Absolute

b) Relative

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) none of these



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31. __________ tab in the Accept or Reject changes dialog box is used to specify the filter criteria.



c) Filter



32. Which of the following option tells a summary of a macro in the macro dialog box?

a) Macro Name

b) Description

c) Buttons

d) List of macros


33. Spreadsheet software can find the changes by________ sheets.

a) adding


c) differentiate

d) comparing


34. Which tool you can use in Calc to make an estimate of output values for different input values?

i)Multiple Operations


iii) Scenarios

iv) Goal Seek


a) Only (i) and (iii)

b) only (ii) and (iv)

c) (i), (iii) and (iv)

d) All of the above


35. In spreadsheet, to apply Goal Seek your cell pointer must be in

a) The Changing cell whose value you need to find.

b) The Result Cell where formula is entered

c) The cell where your targeted value is entered

d) None of above


36.Which of the following tools deals with multiple unknown values?

a) Goal Seek

b) Scenario

c) Solver

d) Data Table



37. In Oo Calc , Which options should be used to accept/reject the changes in the shared sheet.

a) Edit->Accept

b) Edit->Changes->Record

c) Edit->Changes->show

d) Edit->Changes-Accept/Reject


38. What are the operation we can do on the shared documents

a) View the changes

b) Accept/Reject Changes

c) Edit the sheet

d) All of the above



39.  ____is the default extension of Openoffice calc.

a) .ode

b) .ods

c) .odh

d) .odg


40. In a spreadsheet,absolute reference will be referred to..

a) $A$4

b) $A4

c) A$4

d) A4




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41. Ramesh wants to solve one variable problem, Suggest him which of the data analysis tools is best suited for him.

a) Solver

b) Goal Seek

c) Scenario

d) Data table


42. Shovit wants to combine and find the sum/average of marks obtained by the students in the previous three periodic tests. The data is stored in various sheets of a workbook. Which of the following tools is best suited for him?

a) Data Range

b) Data Consolidation

c) Data Review

d) Data Merge.

43. Rakesh wants to apply a formula in the entire column of the spreadsheet,with respect to only one cell. What referencing he will use to get the correct result.

a) Relative Referencing

b) Absolute Referencing

c) Mixed Referencing

d) HyperLink


44. Sravan wants to do the same set of tasks to be done repeatedly like formatting or applying a similar formula in a similar range of data.Suggest him a suitable tool for that.

a) Goal Seek

b) Solver

c) Scenario

d) Macros



45. What is the shortcut key for row hide?

a) Ctrl + 9

b) Ctrl + F9

c) Shift + F9

d) Ctrl + shift + 9



45. What will do by filter?

a) Displays the records that meet the criteria

b) Displays only one record to delete

c) Modify all the records at once                           

d) All of the above


46. How many sheets are there in excel?

a) 3

b) Many                     

c) 2

d) 1


47. What happen when selecting record pressing delete key?

a) Row will be deleted                      

b) Content will be deleted

c) Row moves one step up

d) None of the above


48. What is the name of Excel File?

a) Workbook

b) Worksheet

c) Spread Sheet

d) Spread Book


49. What is the function of workspace?

a) Contain multiple workbooks

b) Contain multiple worksheets

c) Spread Sheet                              

d) Spread Book


50. What is there in Record?

a) Collection of Fields

b) Collection of Number

c) Collection of Rows

d) All


51. What happen when you cut in excel

a) The content of cell will be removed after paste

b) The value of cell will be remained after paste

c) The content of cell will not be removing

d) None of the above


52. You can create only a horizontal page break by first selecting

a) A row below the row where you want the page break to occur

b) A cell in Row 1

c) A cell in Column A

d) Both a. and b.


53. How many sheets will open when excel is loaded?

a) 3              

b) 5

c) 7

d) Unlimited


54. While typing, number in cell margin is

a) Right align

b) Justify

c) Left align

d) Center align


55. Workspace is a

a) collection of workbook

b) collection of sheet

c) collection of documents

d) all


56. Which character fixes row or column?

a) &

b) $

c) =         

d) @


57. What is integer value of 3/2+5*0.5+A1 where A1=0.75

a) 7.5

b) 5

c) =

d) 6


58. What would be content of A8 if A4 has count (A1:A7) and if A1=1, A2=2, A3=4, A11=12, A6=Blank, A7=Text

a) 7

b) 5            

c) 17

d) 29


59. To delete cell contents

a) Ctrl + d

b) Alt + d

c) Delete

d) Esc


60. Where is Merge Cell Tab allocated?

a) Alignment               

b) Font

c) Border

d) Number



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61. The box which is appear right side of chart is called

a) Legend                 

b) Label                 

c) Series

d) Data marker


62. When you insert a column in excel when does the previous column moves?

a) Left side

b) Left most side

c) Right side

d) Right most side


63. Filter is available on

a) Tools menu

b) Record menu

c) Edit menu   

d) View menu


64. Table is

a) Row & Column

b) Field/Column

c) Row & Chart

d) None of above


65. The information of cell gives on

a) Formula bar

b) Name bar

c) Name box

d) Formatting bar


66. Charts holds all the information except

a) Legend

b) Data table

c) Axis

d) Data label


67. Merge is the process of

a) Combing                 

b) Splitting

c) Sending

d) Receiving


68. Which formula returns multiple calculations to a single formula?

a) Smart formula

b) Standard formula

c) Array formula

d) Complex formula


69. Types of filter are

a) Auto filter

b) Advanced filter

c) Standard filter

d) Both a and b


70. Function of Goal Seek

a) Method of finding input value

b) Method of finding input value to meet target

c) Method of accumulating data

d) All of the above


71. To arrange Name list in sequential order is

a) Format

b) Sorting

c) Order

d) List



72. The cell level F5 levels to

a) Function key F5

b) Row F Column 5

c) Column 5 Rows 5

d) Function available in cell


73. Which is an example of a formula in Ms-Excel?

a) =Sum(A1:A2)

b) =A1+A2               

c) A1+A2

d) =add(A1:A2)


74. How do you display current date and time in Ms Excel?

a) Time ()

b) Date ()

c) Today ()

d) Now ()


75. In Ms-Excel B7:B9 indicates

a) Cell B8 only         

b) Cell B7 and B9 only

c) Cell B7 through B9

d) None


76. Which of the following is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package?

a) Lotus 1-2-3             

b) Word   

c) Smart Cell

d) Excel


77. The intersection of row and column is called

a) An equation  

b) Data

c) A field

d) A cell


78. In MS Excel, what happens when dollar sign ($) are entered in a cell address? (ex $B$2: $B$10)

a) The status bar does not display the cell address

b) An absolute cell address in created         

c) The Sheet tab is changed

d) Cell address will change when it is copied to another cell


79. Which operator will combine text from two cells into one cell?

a) Space

b) & (ampersand)

c) = (equal)

d) None of the above


80. An excel workbook is a collection of

a) Worksheets and charts

b) Workbook

c) Worksheets

d) Charts


81. The default header for a worksheet is

a) The sheet tab name

b) Your name

c) The date and time

d) None of these


82. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

a) A1

b) !A!1

c) $A$1

d) #a#1


83. Which symbol must all formula begin with

a) @

b) =                

c) +

d) (


84. To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following formula

a) A1 plus A2

b) =A1+A2

c) =add (A1+A2)

d) =together (A1:A2)


85. In an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by

a) A blinking border

b) A dark wide border

c) A dotted border      

d) None



86. You can create hyperlinks from the Excel workbook to

a) A webpage on company internet

b) A webpage on the internet

c) Other office 97 application documents

d) All of above


87. The advantage of using a spreadsheet is

a) Calculations can be done automatically

b) More flexibility

c) Changing data automatically updates calculations

d) All of the above


88. There as three types of data found in a spreadsheet

a) Numbers, formulas, labels    

b) Data, words, numbers

c) Equations, data, numbers

d) Words, numbers, labels


89. To merge the cells which tab do you use from the format, cells menu?

a) Merge tab

b) Number tab   

c) Alignment tab

d) Font tab


90. How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?

a) Data, subtotals

b) Data, sort            

c) Data, form

d) Data, table


91. The default row height in a MS Excel worksheet is _________ points

a) 75              

b) 75

c) 75            

d) 75


92. Which of following formula is true in MS Excel?

a) B6+C6

b) =B6+C6          

c) A6+B6

d) A6+C6=


93. Which of the following is not a valid data type in Ms Excel?

a) Number

b) Character  

c) Label             

d) Date/time


94. In MS Excel, comments put in cells are called

a) Smart tip

b) Cell tip

c) Web tip

d) Soft tip


95. Shortcut key to bring format cells dialog box is

a) Ctrl + F           

b) Ctrl + E

c) Ctrl + 1

d) Ctrl + D


96. The cell reference $A$5 is

a) Relative cell reference

b) Absolute cell reference

c) Mixed cell reference

d) None


97. ‘OR’ operator shows ‘True’ value when

a) all conditions are false

b) any one condition is true

c) both conditions are true

d) both b & c



98. Which of the following keystrokes lets you recalculate the formula?

a) F9  

b) F2

c) F7

d) F3


99. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in Excel we use the function

a) DIV ( )

b) ROUND ( )

c) FACT ( )

d) MOD ( )


100. Excel displays the current cell address in the

a) Title bar

b) Formula bar

c) Status bar

d) Name box


101. Which language is used to crate macros in excel?

a) Java

b) Visual Basic

c) Access

d) Visual C++


102. You can delete text by

a) Selecting the text and pressing the Ext key

b) Selecting the text and pressing the Ctrl key

c) Selecting the text and pressing the Delete key

d) Selecting the text and pressing the Alt + Page up key


103. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called

a) Functioning

b) Accessing

c) Referencing

d) Updating


104. A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with

a) Ampersand (&)

b) Apostrophe (‘)

c) Exclamation (!)

d) Hash


105. Each excel file is a workbook that contains different sheets. Which of the following cannot be sheet in a workbook?

a) Work Sheet          

b) Chart Sheet             

c) Module Sheet

d) Data Sheet


106. You can auto fit the width of column by

a) Double clicking on the column name on column header

b) Double click on the cell pointer in worksheet

c) Double clicking on column right border on column header

d) Double clicking on the column left border of column header


107. What is the shortcut key to replace a data with another in sheet?

a) Ctrl + R

b) Ctrl + Shift + R

c) Ctrl + H

d) Ctrl + F


108. Formatting a cell in number format you can’t set

a) Decimal places

b) Use 1000 separator

c) Negative numbers

d) Currency symbol


109. Which of the following is invalid regarding the protection in Excel?

a) Protect Sheet

b) Protect Workbook

c) Protect Workspace

d) All of above


110. Which shortcut key is used to insert chart?

a) F10

b) F11             

c) F2

d) F8


111. Which is the correct cell address

a) 1A

b) $A              

c) 1#A

d) A1


112. Which of the following is/are available in consolidate dialog box?

a) Max            

b) Min

c) Count

d) All of the above


113. How can you format the cell?

a) Cell command    

b) Font command

c) Alignment command

d) Conditional formatting command



114. To paste range names into worksheet, choose

a) Insert, Name, Paste

b) Insert, Name, Define

c) Edit, Name, Paste

d) Edit, Name, Define


115. What is the function of [∑] tool in Excel Sheet?

a) AutoFormat

b) AutoText

c) AutoSum

d) AutoCorrect


116. To round a number down to a nearest integer, choose

a) ABS function

b) INT function

c) ABC function

d) INTEGER function


117. Which of the following is relative cell reference?

a) $C7                  

b) C7                 

c) C$7

d) $C$7


118. To filter the records, choose

a) Data, auto filter, filter

b) Tools, auto filter, filter

c) Data, filter, auto filter

d) Tools, filter, auto filter


119. Which of the following functions is a string function?

a) IF function

b) MAX function

c) DATE function

d) MID function


120. What is the short cut key to insert current date in a cell?

a) Ctrl + *

b) Ctrl +:

c) Ctrl +;      

d) Ctrl + Shift +;


121. Which of the following tabs is not available in Format Cells Dialog box in Excel?

a) Shading     

b) Border

c) Fonts

d) Protection


122. Function to get sum of the contents of the cells A1, A2, B1, and B2 is

a) =SUM (A1+A2+B1+B2)

b) =SUM (A1:B2)

c) =TOTAL (A1..B2)

d) =SUM (A1, B2)


123. Graphical representation of worksheet data

a) Pivot table

b) Goal seek    

c) Graph        

d) Scenario


124. What is the shortcut key to select entire row in Excel sheet?

a) Ctrl + Spacebar

b) Alt + Spacebar

c) Shift + Spacebar

d) Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar


125. In Excel worksheet the Name box

a) Appears to the right of the menu bar

b) Appears to the bottom of the menu bar

c) Appears to the left of the formula bar

d) Appears with status bar


126. You can add a hyperlink to your worksheet by pressing

a) Alt + K

b) Ctrl + H

c) Ctrl + K

d) Ctrl + Shift + K


127. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row?

a) Cut and Paste

b) Edit>>Paste Special>>Transpose

c) Both

d) None


128. Which of the following action removes a sheet from workbook?

a) Select the sheet, then choose Edit>>Delete Sheet

b) Select the sheet, then choose Format>>Sheet>>Hide

c) Both of the above

d) None of the above


129. Electronic spreadsheet is also known as

a) Data processor

b) Word processor

c) Presentation package

d) None


130. Type of data in a cell of a worksheet can be of

a) label

b) value

c) formula

d) all of the above


131. What do you use to create a chart?

a) chart wizard on toolbar

b) insert>chart on menu bar

c) insert>diagram on menu bar

d) both a and b


132. Arrange the information in the row and column is called

a) Table

b) Field                     

c) Record

d) Database


133. From which menu, you can hide sheet?

a) View

b) Insert

c) Format

d) Window


134. Which of the following is not related to Ms. Excel?

a) Row

b) Column

c) Lookup

d) Cell


135. What does it mean by Goal seek in spread sheet?

a) To draw the curve for given cell value

b) To determine the value of cell for given result

c) To omit the cell data for given graph

d) None of the above





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