CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21 Social Studies-087 for class 9


Time allowed : 3:00 hour

Maximum Marks: 80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Which among the following is the most suitable argument in favour of Democracy?(1)

a) Keep Changing the leaders

b) No Place of Ethics

c) Rule of Law and respect of Rights

d) The Elected leaders are not aware about the Interest of Common people

2- “There is less chance of Famine and Hunger in ” Which of the following reason for making this argument is not correct?(1)

a) Opposition Parties can draw attention of Government towards Hunger.

b) Independent newspapers can report news the state of famine in different parts of the of the country.

c) The government is afraid of losing in next Election

d) People have the freedom to accept and conduct any religious argument.

3- What is the function of Constituent assembly?(1)

a) Proposal for amendment in the Constitution to be presented in Parliament.

b) Try to pass the Constitution in Parliament.

c) To write a new Constitution for the country.

d) None of the above.

4- Which of the following is a part of Model Code of Conduct?(1)

a) Ban on use of a Shrine for campaigning.

b) Ban on use of official vehicle, aircraft or officers in election.

c) Ban of key policy decision of Government.

d) All of the above.

5- Which of the following is included in Permanent Executive? (1)

a) Prime Minister

b) People of Administrative Services

c) Council of Ministers

d) President

6- What was said by Ambedkar about Right of Constitutional Remedies.(1)

a) Mind

b) Body

c) Artery and Vein

d) Heart and Soul

7- Who among the following is not food — insecure? (1)

a) Landless

b) Salaried Employee

c) Traditional Craftsman

d) Beggar

8- Which of the following statement is True about Economic Growth? (1)

a) Economic growth helps to decrease the Poverty.

b) Economic growth helps to increase the Poverty.

c) Economic growth helps to increase the Unemployment.

d) None of the above

9- Which among the following is included in Primary Sector of economic activity? (1)

a) Trade

b) Transport

c) Manufacturing

d) Agriculture

10- Which of the among the following is a positive impact of Green Revolution?(1)

a) Decrease in fertility of Soil.

b) Decrease in Water level of Ground water.

c) Lack of HYV.

d) None of the above

11- The number of female per thousand male is……………… (1)

12- The roots of plants of……………… vegetation submerged in water.(1)

13- The temporary warm ocean current that in generated in place of cold ocean current is called …………..(1)

14- The Delta formed by the Ganga and the Brahmaputra river is known as………………. (1)

15- The longest river in Indian Desert is ………………(1)

16- In terms of area the position of India in the world is ……………… (1)

17- Rubber plant is associated with ……………… type of vegetation.(1)

18- Name two philosophers whose ideas inspired the French Revolution. (1)

19- What is meant by KholKhoz with reference to Russia. (1)

20- By which law Hitler was given the power to sideline parliament and rule by decree? (1)


Name the republic formed in Germany after First World War.

Section B

21- Write the impact of Green Revolution on the following. (3)

a) Income of farmer

b) Food Security in India

c) Quality of Soil

22- Read the following Situation and identify the type of Unemployment:— (3)

i) Six members of Dinesh’s family are involved in the agriculture No impact could be seen on the gross production even if two of them wouldn’t work.

ii) Ramesh lives in village and remain unemployed for three to four month in a year.

iii) Umesh has studied B.B.S but till now has not got any job.

23- “There is independent Judiciary in ” Comment.(3)


“The position of Prime Minister is supreme in parliamentary form of government? Justify.

24- Differentiate between Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats?(3)


Write a short note on the Northern Plain of India?

25- Suggest any three ways to reduce river Pollution?(3)

26- Why the period of 1793 to 1794 termed as ‘Reign of Terror’ in France? Give Reasons. (3)


Describe the role of philosophers in bringing French Revolution.

27- Describe the contribution of Karl Marx in the history of Socialist ideas. (3)

28- If you were a Jew student during Nazi rule in Germany which kind of discrimination you would have faced or seen?(3)

Section – C

29- Write a short essay on the forest revolt of Bastar. (5)


Why the nomadic people move from one place to another? Give Reason.

30- Explain the process of Advancing Mansoon and Retreating Mansoon. (5)

31- Do you agree with the view that Election commission of India is Independent and Justify this statement. (5)


What are the main challenges to conduct free and fair election in India?

32- Read the following situations and state which type of fundamental Right is violated- (5)

i) Ramesh was forbidden to form employee association in his office.

ii) Rakesh was asked to do forced labour.

iii) Untouchability is prevalent in the village of Dinesh.

iv) Raju, aged 12, works in a hotel.

v) Pinkesh was lured to convert to another religion.

33- Write the main causes of Poverty in India?(5)


Write main characteristics of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act 2005.

34- Write a short note on the role of co-operative societies in ensuring food security in India?(5)

Section D

35- On the given Political Map of World A, B and C. are indicated. Identify the points with the help of given information and write their names on the line given.(6)

i) The Country which was associated with allied Powers in the First World War.

ii) The country which was associated with Axis Powers in Second World War.

iii) The country which was occupied by Nazi Germany.

iv) On the Political map of India locate the following places with appropriate symbol and write the name —

(a) Sikkim

(b) Kaziranga National Park

(c) Indian State with highest population Density.

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