CBSE class 12 computer science python Assessment


Class: XII

Subject: Computer Science


1- Identify the valid logical operator in Python:(1)

a) and                                  b) %

2- Identify the valid identifier: (1)

a) else                                  b) f_name

3- Name the Python Library modules which need to be imported to invoke the following functions: (2)

a) pow() b) time()

4- Rewrite the following code in python after removing all syntax error(s). Underline each correction done in the code: (3)

400 = fno

WHILE fno<=1000:

if fno<= 150:

print  fno

fno= fno**4


print fno+2

fno= fno**2

5- Find and write the output of the following Python code: (3)

def display(p=5, t=10):



print (p, ‘@’,t)




print (p, ‘*’,r)


print (p, ‘#’,r)


print(p, ‘&’,r)


6- Find out the output of the following code: (3)


def display ():

print (a)

global a



print (a)


7- Find out the output of the following code: (2)


t,r,t=t+5,r+16, t-1

print (t,r)

8- Rewrite the following code in python after removing all syntax error(s). Underline each correction done in the code. (2)

def cal (a,b)


return c




print [c1]

9- What is the difference between the formal and actual parameters? Explain with example.(2)


10- 85:03:63 2E FC is an example of _________ address. (1)

11- ________is a network device that connects dissimilar networks. (1)

12- __________is a technology that connects the things to the Internet over wired or wireless connections.(1)

13- ____________is a query command that is used to get some information on a specific domain name, such as who registered when was it registered and when the domain will expire.(1)

14- Write the expanded names for the following abbreviated terms used in Networking And Communications:(4)


b) Voip


d) NFC



Ayurveda Training Educational Institute is setting up its center in Hyderabad with four specialized departments for Orthopedics, Neurology and Pediatrics along with an administrative office in separate buildings. The physical distance between these department buildings and the number of computers to be installed in these departments and administrative office as given as follows .You as a network expert have to answer the queries as raised by them in i)  to iv).

Shortest distances between various locations in meters:

Administrative Office to Orthopedic Unit 55
Neurology Unit to Administrative Office 30
Orthopedic Unit to Neurology Unit 70
Pediatrics Unit to Neurology Unit 50
Pediatrics Unit to Administrative Office 40
Pediatrics Unit to Orthopedics Unit 110

Numbers of Computers installed at the various locations are as follows:

Pediatrics Unit 40
Administrative Office 140
Neurology 50
Orthopedic Unit 80


i) Suggest the most suitable location to install the main server of this institution to get efficient connectivity.

ii) Suggest the best cable layout for effective network connectivity of the building having server with all the other buildings.

iii) Suggest the devices to be installed in each of these buildings for connecting computer installed within the building out of the following:

a) Gateway,            b) Modem,                     c) Switch

iv) Suggest the network cable for efficiently connecting each computer installed in each of the buildings out of the following Network Cable : Single Pair Telephone Cable, Coaxial Cable, Ethernet Cable


16- What do you mean by cardinality and degree? If a new column contact no. has been added and two more members have joined the club then how these change will affect the degree and cardinality of the table.(2)

17- Differentiate between Primary key and Foreign Key.(2)

18- Write down any two advantages of using Databases.(2)

19- Answer the question based on the table given below:

TABLE: Student

Column Name Data Type Size
Name CHAR 20
Stipend CHAR 7
Stream CHAR 15
Grade CHAR 1

i) Write the SQL command to create the above table. (2)

ii) Insert one record with relevant information, in the table student.(1)

iii) Display all the records of the table Student.(1)

iv) Delete the Student Whose Roll no is 100.(1)

v) Change the Stream of Student to ‘Computer’ Whose Roll no. is 536.(1)

vi) Add one column email of data type CHAR and size 30 to the table student.(1)

20- Answer the question based on the table given below:


No. Name Age Department DateoFadm Charges Sex
1 Arpit 62 Surgery 21/01/98 300 M
2 Zareena 22 ENT 12/12/97 250 F
3 Kareem 32 Orthopedic 19/02/98 200 M
4 Arun 12 Surgery 11/01/98 300 M
5 Zubin 30 ENT 12/01/98 250 M
6 Ketaki 16 ENT 24/02/98 250 F
7 Ankita 29 Cardiology 20/02/98 800 F
8 Zareen 45 Gynecology 22/02/98 300 F
9 Kush 19 Cardiology 13/01/98 800 M
10 Shilpa 23 Nuclear Medicine 21/02/98 400 F

i) To list the names all the patients admitted after 15/01/98.(1)

ii) To list the names of female patients who are in ENT department.(1)

iii) To list names of all patients with their date of admission in ascending order.(1)

iv) To display Patient’s Name, Charges, Age for only female patients.(1)

v) Find Out the Output of Following SQL Command:-(2)

a) Select COUNT(DISTINCT charges) from HOSPITAL;

b) Select MIN(Age) from HOSPITAL where Sex=”F”;

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