Chapter 12 Forms and Reports Question Answer Class 10 IT

A. Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following toolbars contains the Label tool?
(a) Standard Toolbar
(b) Forms Controls Toolbar
(c) Records toolbar
(d) Formatting toolbar

Answer:(b) Forms Controls Toolbar 


2. The Record toolbar has the buttons to move to the
(a) first record
(b) second record
(c) last record
(d) all records

Answer:(d) all records 


3. Which of the following is NOT true about forms?
(a) It is the front end for data entry
(b) It can contain only text fields
(c) Graphics can be inserted on the form
(d) It can contain only fixed number of records

Answer:(b) It can contain only text fields 


4. Which of the following keys is pressed to select only textbox on the form?
(a) Alt
(b) Shift
(c) Ctrl
(d) Tab

Answer:(c) Ctrl 


5. Which of the following properties in the Properties: Label Field text box is used to insert a tool-tip on the form?
(a) Tool Text
(b) Help Text
(c) Tool Tip
(d) Help Tip

Answer:(b) Help Text 


6. Which of the following objects of LibreOffice Base is used to display data retrieved from one or more tables in a
presentable manner?
(a) Query
(b) Form
(c) Report
(d) Panel

Answer:(c) Report 


7. Which of the following values of Date Format property is selected to view a calendar on the form?
(a) Standard (short)
(b) Standard (long)
(c) Default
(d) Standard (Medium)

Answer:(b) Standard (long) 


8. Which of the following commands on the Forms Control toolbar is used to toggle between Design View and Form
(a) Design Mode
(b) Toggle Mode
(c) View Mode
(d) Print mode

Answer:(a) Design Mode 


9. Using which of the following objects in a database, can a report be generated?
(a) Tables
(b) Queries
(c) Both a and b
(d) Neither a nor b

Answer:(c) Both a and b 


10. Which of the following components open along with the Report Wizard?
(a) Report Builder
(b) Add Fields dialog box
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)

Answer:(c) Both (a) and (b) 

Forms and Reports Question Answer Class 10 IT

B. State whether the following statements are True or False.

1. Report is an object of a database but form is not. [False]

2. We can choose the layout of the form. [True]

3. We have to add all fields of the table on the form. [False]

4. There are two ways n which a form can be created. [True]

5. A report is generated in a separate window. [True]

6. Once a control is added on to the form, it cannot be repositioned. [False]

7. The Record toolbar has the button to add a new record. [True]

8. We can create a report only using a table. [False]

9. By default, the records in a report are sorted in descending order. [False]

10. We can group data based on a particular field in a report. [True]

11. A report can have data only in row and column format. [False]

12. We can insert both date and time of generation of report. [True]

13. A report once created cannot be edited. [False]

Forms and Reports Question Answer Class 10 IT

C. Fill in the blanks.

1. A form can be used for ____________ and _____________.

Enter, view data


2. Each field control consists of a ____________and ________________

label, field value


3. A ___________ is a piece of text that specifies the data that should be entered in the field value text box.



4. By default the border of the field text value is displayed in _________.



5. A ____________ is a small piece of text that is displayed when the mouse pointer is placed on a particular control on the form.

tool tip


6. The default orientation option for a report is _______________.



7. A ____________ is the manner in which the labels, field values, titles etc. will be displayed in the report.



8. The option to insert date and time in the report is present in ___________ menu.



9. A Report Wizard contains _____________ steps.



10. A _______ type of report changes automatically as the field values in the base table or query change.



D. Answer the following questions.

1. Give one difference between a form and a report.

2. What is a field control with respect to forms?

3. Which tool on the Forms Record toolbar is used to insert text on the form?

4. Name the two ways to create a form in LibreOffice Base.

5. What is the difference between a static and a dynamic report?

6. Write the function of Forms Controls toolbar and Records toolbar.


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