Chapter 1 Introduction to Styles Question and Answer Class 10 IT


A. Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following features in LibreOffice Writer is/are used to create the given document?

 (a) Page borders

 (b) Envelope

 (c) Picture from File

 (d) Indexes and Tables


Answer: (b) Envelope


2. Styles menu (from sidebar) in Writer provide options to work on

 (a) Paragraph Styles

 (b) Frame Styles

 (c) Page Styles

 (d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above


3. What is style template in LibreOffice Writer?

(a) Pre-determined form and mode of document file

(b) One kind of model style

(c) One type of document

(d) Cluster of documents in Writer

Answer:(b) One kind of model style


4. Which of the following gives the status of your document like page numbers, number of pages?

(a) Status bar

(b) Standard toolbar

(c) Formatting

(d) Title bar

Answer:(a) Status bar


5. Which of the following can be used to access a style menu?

(a) F11 function key

(b) Sidebar Menu

(c) Formatting toolbar

(d) All of these

Answer:(d) All of these


Introduction to Styles Question and Answer Class 10

B. Fill in the blanks

1. A __________ is a collection of different formats.


2. Styles are especially handy in __________.



3. Proper use of styles improves __________ in a document.



4. The first five buttons at the top of the Styles window select the category of __________.



5. Using predefined __________ creates Bookmark in the document.

Heading Style


6. On opening a new file _________ Style is used for formatting the document.



7. In page layout documents, you can arrange __________ like text boxes and graphics.



8. Character styles are often integrated in __________ Style.



9. __________ allows to apply style at different places in the document.

Fill format


10. Predefined Style __________ be updated by Drag and Drop method.



Introduction to Styles Question and Answer Class 10

C. Short answer questions

1. What do you understand by styles in LibreOffice writer document?

Answer: A style is a set of formats that you can apply to selected elements such as pages, text, frames, cells, and others in a document to quickly set or change their appearance.


2. Write advantages of using Style over manual formatting, for designing a document.

Answer: Some advantages of using Style are consistent formatting, easy formatting changes, and simple major changes.


3. What are the different categories of style in LibreOffice writer document?

Answer: LibreOffice Writer has six style categories:

1. Paragraph styles: affect entire paragraphs and are also used for purposes such as compiling a table of contents.

2. Character styles: affect a block of text inside a paragraph; they provide exceptions to paragraph styles.

3. Page styles: affect page formatting (page size, margin, and the like).

4. Frame styles: affect frames and images.

5. List styles: affect outlines, numbered lists, and bulleted lists.

6. Table styles: affect the appearance of tables of data.


4. Write down the steps to update a style.


Step 1: Open LibreOffice and access the Styles and Formatting panel (Format > Styles and Formatting or F11).

Step 2: Right-click on the style you want to update and select “Modify.”

Step 3: Make your changes in the modification dialog box.

Step 4: Click “OK” to apply the updates.

Step 5: Verify the changes and save your document.


5. What do you understand by custom styles in LibreOffice writer?

Answer: Custom styles in LibreOffice Writer are user-defined formatting presets that can be applied to text, paragraphs, or other elements within a document. These styles allow users to easily apply consistent formatting across their document, saving time and ensuring visual consistency.


7. Give two examples, where instead of Style, using manual formatting will be beneficial.

Answer:Using manual formatting over styles might be beneficial in certain cases:

One-time Formatting: For small, isolated portions of text unlikely to be repeated, manual formatting is quicker than creating a new style.

Quick Tweaks: When making ad-hoc formatting changes without affecting existing styles, manual formatting is more efficient.


8. Give one situation, in which you will prefer to use Fill Format for styling your document.

Answer: Fill Format is useful when you want to copy the style from one element and quickly apply it to others, saving time and ensuring consistency across your document.


9. Write steps to load style(s) from a template.


Step 1: Open your document in LibreOffice.

Step 2:Go to “Styles and Formatting” (Format > Styles and Formatting or press F11).

Step 3:Right-click within the Styles and Formatting window.

Step 4:Select “Load Styles” from the context menu.

Step 5:Choose the template file containing the styles you want to load.

Step 6:Click “OK” to import the styles into your document.


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