Chapter 10 Working with Multiple Tables Question Answer Class 10 IT

A. Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following actions can be performed once the tables are created in a database?
(a) Add a field in a table
(b) Rename a table
(c) Delete a table
(d) All of the above

Answer:(d) All of the above 

2. Which of the following is checked by a DBMS?
(a) Redundancy
(b) Inconsistency
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)

Answer:(c) Both (a) and (b) 


3. Which of the following is required to set a relationship between the two tables?
(a) Both the tables must be in different databases
(b) Both the tables must have a common field
(c) Both the tables must have the same name
(d) Both tables must be stored in documents folder only.

Answer:(b) Both the tables must have a common field 


4. If a record is added in a master table, which of the following is NOT true for transaction table
(a) The record in the master table is called the master record
(b) The corresponding record in transaction table can only be entered once.
(c) The record in the transaction table is called the transaction record.
(d) It is possible to add a record in the master table

Answer:(b) The corresponding record in transaction table can only be entered once. 


5. Which type of relationship exists between a student and the subjects studied by him/her?
(a) One-to-one
(b) One-to-many
(c) Many-to-many
(d) All of the above

Answer:(b) One-to-many 


6. Consider the following tables. Which type of relationship can be established between the two tables?
(a) One-to-one
(b) One-to-many
(c) Many-to-many
(d) None of the above
Table 1: Item Table 2: Item_Category
Item_Code Category_Code
Item_Name Cat_Name
Price Item_Code
Qty Cat_Disc

Answer:(b) One-to-many 


7. Which of the following menus contains the Relationship option?
(a) Edit
(b) File
(c) Tools
(d) View

Answer:(c) Tools 


8. The list of tables to be added is displayed in the __________ dialog box in the Relationship Screen.
(a) Add Tables
(b) Add Databases
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(a) Neither (a) nor (b)

Answer:(a) Add Tables 


9. In the relationship design screen, the relationship between the two tables is done using __________ operation.
(a) Click
(b) Double Click
(c) Drag and Drop
(d) Right click

Answer:(c) Drag and Drop 


10. Which of the following is NOT an option that can be used to maintain referential integrity in a database?
(a) No Action
(b) Set NULL
(c) Set Default
(d) Set Value

Answer:(d) Set Value 


B. State whether the following statements are True or False

1. Redundancy is preferred in a database. [False]

2. In a table, a record for a particular entity should not be repeated. [True]

3. A single field should always have only one data value. [False]

4. If a table is edited, the records already entered in it are deleted. [False]

5. The record in master table should be entered before the corresponding record is entered in the transaction table. [True]

6. In one-to-many relationship, one specific record of the master table has more than one corresponding records in the related transaction table. [True]

7. The Relationship option is present in the Widows menu. [False]

8. In a database, the referential integrity is maintained by the user. [False]

9. A relationship is always set between the tables based on a common field. [True]

10. If the master record is deleted, the transaction records will always be deleted. [False]


C. Fill in the blanks

1. A table to be edited is displayed in ___________ view.



2. The most important prerequisite for setting a relationship between the two tables is that there must be a ____________ between them.

common field


3. In ________________relationship, one specific record of a master table has one and only one corresponding record in the transaction table.



4. _________is one of the most common types of relationship between the tables in a database.



5. A record being entered in a _________ table must always exist in a ________ table.

transaction, master


6. The principle of _______________helps prevent missing data by keeping deleted data from getting out of synch.

referential integrity


7. Creating ____________ between tables restricts the user from entering invalid data in the referenced fields.



8. Data integrity is maintained by ___________.



9. A relationship between customers and products is an example of ______________ relationship.



10. The _______window is used to set relationships between the tables.



D. Answer the following questions

1. Give any two advantages of relating a table in a database.

2. How is redundancy or inconsistency controlled in a database? Explain with an example.

3. Define referential integrity. Who maintains referential integrity in a database?

4. Differentiate between one to one relationship and one to many relationship. Give suitable examples to explain your answer.

5. Explain many to many relationship with an example.


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