Chapter 7 Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT

A. Multiple choice questions

1. Sharing allows to edit the spredshheet by

(a) single user

(b) different users simultaneously

(c) one by one users

(d) one after other users

Answer:(b) different users simultaneously 


2. Sharing spredsheet feature allows to save the changes in

(a) multiple sheets

(b) user’s sheet

(c) in a same sheet

(d) in different sheet

Answer:(a) multiple sheets 


3. The Recording Changes feature of LibreOffice Calc provides different ways to record the changes made by _________ in the spreadsheet.
(a) one user
(b) other user
(c) the user
(d) one or other users

Answer:(d) one or other users 


4. In Calc, the comments are added
(a) automatically
(b) by author
(c) by reviewer
(d) all of above

Answer:(d) all of above 


5. The changes by team members in the spreadsheet can be accepted or rejected by
(a) the team members
(b) any of the user
(c) owner
(d) other users

Answer: c) owner

Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT


B. State whether the following statements are True or False

1. Spreadsheet cannot be shared to work with more than one user? [False]

2. Some of the features becomes unavailable when the spreadsheet is in shared mode. [True]

3. You can record changes in the spreadsheet when the spreadsheet is opened in shared mode.[False]

4. File menu is used to Record changes for the spreadsheet.[False]

5. You can add a note or suggestion in the spreadsheet using Insert Comment.[False]

6. Formatting comment can be used to change the font colour of the comment.[True]

Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT

C. Fill in the blanks notes

1. The title bar of the document shows ____________ along with the filename for the shared mode of the spreadsheet.



2. The shared mode spreadsheet allows __________ users to access and edit the spreadsheet at the same time.



3. Recording changes automatically ____________ the shared mode of a spreadsheet.

turn off


4. Click on Edit menu, Track Changes and then select ____________ to record the changes in the spreadsheet.



5. The border color of the changed cell will be ______________.



6. ____________ is used to add notes or suggestions to a cell in a spreadsheet.



7. The comment box can be formatted just like formatting the __________ (cell contents).

cell contents


Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT


D. Answer the following questions

1. Define the terms

(a) Sharing Spreadsheet

Answer: Sharing a spreadsheet allows multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously. It enables collaborative editing, where changes made by different users are merged in real-time.


(b) Record changes

Answer: Recording changes refers to the feature that tracks modifications made to a spreadsheet. It logs details of edits, such as the user who made the change, the type of change, and the time it was made, allowing for review and approval of these changes.


Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT

2. Write the commands to perform

(a) Sharing Spreadsheet


– Open the spreadsheet.

– Go to Tools -> Share Document…

– In the dialog box that appears, check the option “Share this spreadsheet with other users”.

– Click OK.


(b) Record changes


– Open the spreadsheet.

– Go to Edit -> Track Changes -> Record.

– Ensure the option is checked to start recording changes.


Share and Review a Spreadsheet Question Answer Class 10 IT

3. Which menu is used to perform the functions

(a) Track Changes

Answer: The Edit menu is used to access the Track Changes feature.


(b) Saving Spreadsheet

Answer: The File menu is used to save the spreadsheet. You can use the Save or Save As… options.


4. What do you understand by reviewing the changes in the spreadsheet?

Answer: Reviewing changes in a spreadsheet involves examining the modifications that have been recorded. This process allows you to see what changes were made, by whom, and when. You can accept or reject each change, ensuring the final version of the spreadsheet meets your requirements and maintaining control over the document’s content.


5. Differentiate between Merging and Comparing Spreadsheet.


Merging Spreadsheet:

Merging involves combining changes from multiple versions of a spreadsheet into a single document. This is typically used when multiple users have worked on separate copies of a shared document and their changes need to be consolidated.

Comparing Spreadsheet:

Comparing a spreadsheet involves identifying differences between two versions of the same spreadsheet. This helps in pinpointing what changes were made in different versions, allowing users to understand variations and decide which changes to incorporate.


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