Topics- Number System: Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal number system; conversion

between number systems,  Encoding Schemes: ASCII, ISCII, and Unicode (UTF8, UTF32)

1. Which number system uses only two digits, 0 and 1?


2. How many unique digits are there in the octal number system?


3. What is the base of the decimal number system?


4. Which number system uses the digits 0-9 and the letters A-F?


5. Convert the binary number 101010 to decimal.


6. Convert the octal number 72 to binary.


7. Convert the decimal number 147 to hexadecimal.


8. Convert the hexadecimal number 2A to binary.


9. Which encoding scheme represents characters using 8 bits?


10. Which encoding scheme is used to represent characters in most modern computers and supports a wider range of characters and languages?


11. How many bits are used to represent characters in ASCII encoding?


12. What is the full form of ASCII?


13. Which encoding scheme is commonly used for Indic scripts in India?


14. Which encoding scheme is capable of representing over one million characters?


15. Convert the ASCII character ‘A’ to binary (in 8-bit ASCII encoding).


16. Convert the binary number 1100101 to ASCII character (in 8-bit ASCII encoding).


17. Which encoding scheme is the most comprehensive and can represent characters from almost all writing systems?


18. Which encoding scheme is fixed-width and uses 32 bits to represent each character?


19. Convert the hexadecimal number 1F5 to binary.


20. Convert the decimal number 58 to octal.


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