Class 11 IP Sample Paper Term 2 Set 2

Term-2 Examination 2021-22

Class: 11   

Subject: Informatics Practices

Subject Code: 065

Duration : 2 hrs. Max Marks : 35

General Instructions

• The question paper is divided into 3 sections – A, B and C

• Section A, consists of 7 questions (1-7). Each question carries 2 marks.

• Section B, consists of 3 questions (8-10). Each question carries 3 marks.

• Section C, consists of 3 questions (11-13). Each question carries 4 marks.

• Internal choices have been given for question numbers – 1 , 3, 8 and 12.


Section –A

Each question carries 2 marks

1. Karan is confused with the terms Cardinality and Degree. Help him to understand the terms with a suitable example of each.


Kritika is creating a table with following field names in Emp table:

EmpId ,Ename, Date of birth, Date of Joining,Designation, Address, PhoneNo, Driving LicenseNo.

She is not able to differentiate between Primary Key and Unique Key . Help her to understand the difference between them and keeping in view to the above fields decide which field name can kept as Primary Key and Unique Key.


2. i) _____________ technology is able to take an existing environment and adds a layer of virtual information on top of it.

a) Immersive

b) Augmented

c) Non Immersive

d) Virtual Reality


ii) Which one of these is not an area of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

a) Image recognition

b)Voice Recognition

c) Web designing

d) Robotics


3. Pooja a student of class XI created a table “BOOK”. Price is a column of this table to find the details of books whose price have not been entered, she wrote the following query:

Select * from Book where Price=NULL;

Help Pooja to run the query by removing the errors from the query and rewriting it.


Sujata has created a table Emp in MySQL. Later on she found that the width of name column is not sufficient for entering some long names. She wants to increase the width of the name column by 40. What command she should write to do this?


4. What is Referential integrity in respect to RDBMS?


5. Differentiate between DDL and DML command with One example of each command?


6. Write a query to update the table BOOK by increasing the price of all books by 2%


7. Differentiate between CHAR and VARCHAR data types in SQL. 



Each question carries 3 marks

8. Write the output for the SQL queries (i) to (iii) on the basis of the ITEM relation given below:

Table: ITEM

Itemno Iname Price Quantity
101 Soap 50 100
102 Powder 100 50
103 Face Cream 150 25
104 Pen 50 200
105 Soap box 20 100


ii) SELECT Itemno ,Iname , Price FROM ITEM WHERE PRICE BETWEEN 50 AND 100;




i) Display the item information whose name has letter ‘o’.

ii) Increase the price of Soap and Soap box by 2%

iii.) Write SQL query to insert one record 106, Sanitizer , 60, 250 3


9. i) “XYZ” Company has organized their Annual Conference. Participants are coming from different parts of the country to attend. Write SQL query to create a table Participant with the following structure:

Field Type Constraint
ParticipantID Integer Primary Key
Name Varchar (50)
ArrivalDate Date
DepartureDate Date
Phone Integer
EmailID Varchar(30)


ii) Write the command to display the tables created in a database and write command to view the structure of the table. 


10. a) Give full form of IoT and WoT

b) Explain NLP give any two examples. 



Each question carries 4 marks

11. Differentiate between with example-

a) Delete and Drop command

Alter and Update Command


12. Study the following table DOCTOR and answer the following questions:-


101 John ENT M 12
104 Smith ORTHOPEDIC M 5
107 George CARDIOLOGY M 10
114 Lara SKIN F 3
109 K George MEDICINE F 9
105 Johnson ORTHOPEDIC M 10
117 Lucy ENT F 3
111 Bill MEDICINE F 12

i) Give the cardinality and degree of the table Doctor.

ii) Write SQL Query to display the details of all those Doctors whose name either starts with ‘J’ or starts with ‘S’.

iii) Write SQL Query to display the details of all female doctors having experience more than 5 years.

iv) Write SQL Query to add column contact no, with data type as int and size as 10.


i) Write the SQL Query to display the records of ENT department.

ii) Write the SQL Query to update the experience of all doctors by 1.

iii) Write the SQL Query to display Name, Dept in ascending order by and then by experience in descending order.

iv) Write the SQL Query to ADD Primary Key to column ID in the existing table.


13. Consider the “Sales” table :

Table: Sales

Ecode Ename Address dojoin Amount Area
100 Amit Delhi 2017-09-29 5000.90 East
101 Sushant Gurgaon 2018-01-01 7000.75 East
102 Priya Noida 2018-04-25 3450.45 West
103 Mohit Delhi 2018-11-03 6000.50 North
104 Priyanshi Delhi 2019-12-15 8000.62 North


a) Write a SQL query to display the name of the oldest employee first then 2nd oldest and so on.


b) Which of the following command(s) will display all sales whose date of joining is after 31st March 2018.

i) Select * from Sales where dateofjoin>=”31-03-2018”;

ii) Select * from Sales where dojoin>=”2018-03-31”;

iii) Select * from Sales where dojoin>”2018-03-31”;

iv) Select * from Sales where dojoin>”2018/03/31”;


c) Select Area, Ename as Employee, Amount *0.01 as PF from Sales where Area=”East” OR Area=”West”;

d) Write a SQL query to delete the record of Ecode as 102.

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