(New) CBSE Sample Paper Class 11 Biology 2021

Annual Examination (2019-20)


Subject- Biology (044)

Time: 3:00 hour/M.M.-70

All questions are compulsory.


1- Write the botanical name of wheat and housefly.(1)

2- Write the name of muscle cell, which has actin and myosin protein.(1)

3- Write the name of two hermaphrodite (bisexual) animals.(1)

4- Name the two structures in plants that are responsible for transpiration.(1)

5- Expand the given short form : STH and ACTH (1)


6- Give the cause of following disorders in human. (2)

a) Acromegaly

b) Goitre

c) diabetes mellitus

d) cretinism

7- Name the minute gap between axon of one neuron and dendrite of another neuron.How does nerve impulse travel through this gap? (2)

8- Give the number and names of the bones found in two hind limbs. (2)

9- Explain systolic and diastolic blood pressure. (2)

10- What is carbon monoxide poisoning?  “Or” Name the protein digestive enzyme in human.(2)

11- Give the contribution of Went in the discovery of phytohormones. (2)

12- Select the plant from the list given below, which is photosynthetically more efficient. Give any two reasons for your selection. -à Pea, soybean, sugarcane, mustard and groundnut.(2)


13- Draw a well-labelled diagram of mitochondria.(3)

14- Give diagrammatic sketch of pacheytene,diakinesis and anaphase first of meiosis division. (3)

15- Briefly describe myopia and hypermatropia. “Or” Draw a well-labelled neat diagram of T.S. of spinal cord.(3)

16- Name the part of lung where exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place between blood and inspired air. (3)

17- Draw a neat and clean diagram of vertical section of a tooth and label–dentine, enamel and pulp. “Or”

Tell the name and location of salivary glands in human. What do those glands secret?(3)

18- In the curve given below, label the segments – a, b, c. What type of growth this curve shows? (3)




19- Explain briefly the following terms – (3)

a) Parthanocarpy

b) karyokinesis

c) osmosis

20- Define and formulate respiratory quotient (RQ).Calculate RQ for glucose. (3)

21- Photorespiration is wasteful process. Explain. (3)

22- What is hydroponics? Give one application of this technique. (3)

23- Distinguish between transpiration and guttayion. “Or” Differentiate between C3and C4plants. (3)

24- Name the largest gland in human body. Name its secretion and functions. (3)


25- Describe detailed structure of human eye with a suitable diagram of vertical section of eye. “Or” Briefly explain the structural and functional unit of kidney with suitable diagram. (5)

26- Explain the internal structure of human heart with suitable diagram. (5)

27- Give name and explain the chemical process of cellular respiration in plants that take place in cell cytoplasm with the help of suitable flow chart.”Or”Explain the structure of fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane of a cell, with suitable diagram.(5)

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