CBSE Half Yearly Sample Paper 2020-21 Biology for class 11

Half Yearly Examination (2020-21)


Time: 3:00 hours

Maximum Marks:70

All questions are compulsory.

(Q-1 to Q-11 is of 1 mark each)

  1. Expand PPLO. What is its other name?
  2. Give the name of organism which has sting cell (Nematocyte).
  3. Which kingdom comprises of single celled eukaryotes only?
  4. What is the mode of reproduction in bacteria?
  5. Define coelomate and acoelomate animals and give example of each.
  6. Define the Virion and Viroids
  7. What is the difference between DNA and RNA on the basis of nitrogenous base?
  8. Why is mitosis called equational devision?
  9. What are acidic amino acids ? Give an example.
  10. Which is largest single cell ?
  11. Name the flat worm that has regeneration capacity.

(Q-12 to Q-21 is of 2 marks each)

  1. Write the phylum of following animals
  2. Cockroach b) Unio                c) Jelly fish                    d) Planaria
  3. How does cytokinesis in animal cells differ from plant cells?
  4. What is Clitellum and its location in earthworm?
  5. Match the following terms given in coloumns A and B

A                                   B

  1. Pharyngeal Nepheridia plant cell
  2. Blue green algae Somatic cell
  • Mitosis Earthworm
  1. Chloroplast Monera
  2. Explain S-phase of interphase of cell cycle.
  3. Why do we call the earthworm “The friend of farmer”?
  4. Write short note on –
  5. Notochord                   b) Insects


Write a short note on chromosome.

  1. What is cell theory and who gave it?
  2. Explain prosthetic groups.
  3. Following scientists are famous for?
  4. Janssen and Janssen
  5. Antony Van Leeuwenhock

(Q-22 to Q-29 is of 3 marks each)

  1. What is Binomial Nomenclature? Give the scientific name of Mustard plant and Domestic Cat.
  2. Write the distinct characteristic of kingdom fungi.


Differentiate between open and close circulation with one example of each.

  1. Draw a diagram of Paramecium and label it.
  2. What is Lysosome? Why is it called the suicide bag of cell?
  3. Draw a well-labelled diagram of nucleus of cell.
  4. What are fatty acids? What are their characteristics?
  5. Distinguish between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell.
  6. Explain saturated and non saturated fats.

(Q-30 to Q-32 is of 5 marks each)

  1. Describe primary, secondary and tertiary structure of protein.


Draw a well-labelled neat and clean diagram of plant cell.

  1. Describe the detail structure and function of Mitochondria with diagram.
  2. Draw the diagrams to explain stages of mitosis cell division.


Give the characteristics of the phylum in which honey bee is grouped.

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