CBSE Sample Paper 11 2020-21 Business Studies

Half Yearly Examination (2020-21)


Time allowed: 3 hours

Maximum Marks:80

All questions are compulsory.

A. 1 Mark Questions.

1- Modern concept of business insist on-

a) Earning huge profit

b) Providing services

c) Bearing risk

d) Profit and services

2- Reward for profession is called- 1

a) profit

b) salary

c) Fees

d) All of the above

3- Who becomes ‘karta’ in  joint Hindu family business?

a) By voting of members

b) Senior most male member

c) Most educated member of family

d) Any member can become

4- Public sector enterprises are owned by-

a) joint Hindu family

b) Government

c) Foreign companies

d) Private entrepreneurs

5- Ethics are_______

a) Same as law

b) Narrow than law

c) Broader than law

d) None

6- OLX is an example of which of the following category of e-business_______.

a) B2B

b) B2C

c) C2C

d) intra B

7- Common name for ATM, Debit card, Credit Card, Metro card etc is.

a) Electronic card

b) Smart card

c) Visa card

d) Master card

8- Personal inspection of good is possible under.

a) Traditional business

b) e-business

c) Both(a)and (c)

d) none

9- Minimum number of members to form a private company is. 1

a) 2

b) 3

c) 6

d) 7

10- Earthquake comes under which type of risk.

a) Natural cause risk

b) Human cause risk

c) Economic cause risk

d) physical cause risk

B. 2 marks questions.

11- Define Risk.

12- Name the tertiary industry which removes the hindrance of knowledge.

13- Which form of business is suitable for a tailoring shop?

14- What is the liability of “Karta” in joint Hindu family business?

15- Give example of an enterprise operating as departmental undertaking.

16- Which institute is called a Debtor as well as creditor?

17- What is the full form of BPO?

18- Define social responsibility.

19- Define pollution.

20- What is health insurance?

C. 3 marks questions

21- Briefly explain about Air pollution.

22- What are the difference between e-business and traditional business?

23- Explain any three types of bank accounts.

24- Explain the concept of public sector and private sector.

25- What is prospectus?

26- Explain the social objectives of business?

27- Explain the causes of business risk?

28- Define Article of association.

29- Explain the different elements of business ethics.

30- Explain KPO.

D. 5 marks questions.

31- What types of social responsibility performs different interest group?

32- Explain the principles of insurance?

33- Write the difference between NEFT &RTGS.

34- Explain the types of manufacturing industries.

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