New CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 11 Business Studies

Annual Examination


Subject- Business Studies

Time: 3 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Name the industries which provide support service to other industries.1

2- What is the main objective of WTO? 1

3- Name the machine in which goods are bought and sold by inserting coins. 1

4- What is the investment limit for SSI? 1

5- Who are called the owners of a company? 1

6- Define pollution. 1

7- Which service provides protection from risk? 1

8- Define any two merits of sole proprietorship firm. 1

9- Define KPO. 1

10- Who are Itinerants? 1

11- How would you differentiate between street traders and street shops? 3

12- Which documents must be necessary to obtain IEC number? 3

13- Why is there more scope for small scale industries in developing countries like India? 3

14- What is the difference between GDR & ADR? 3

15- What is the difference among parcel post, speed post and courier services? 3

16- Explain any 3 types of accounts? 3

17- Write the difference between MOA&AOA? 3

18- Explain the types of partnerships firms? 3

19- Profit is not an objective but a requirement of a business. Do you agree with this statement? 3

20- Explain partnership deed? 3

21- Explain first four steps of import procedure. 4

22- Explain the role of small business in rural areas? 4

23- Define joint Hindu family business in detail. 4

24- Explain the types of partners? 4

25- Explain four directions of E-business. 4

26- What types of financial services provided by post office? 5

27- Explain the principals of insurance. 5

28- Explain the features of owners & borrowed fund? 5

29- Define agreement of WTO. 5

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