CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 11 Economics Half yearly

All questions are compulsory.

A. Multiple Choice Questions. (1 mark each)

1- Economic problem arises due to the fact that.

a) resources are scarce

b) human wants are unlimited

c) resources have alternative uses

d) all of these

2- Slope of production possibility curve is.

a) a straight line

b) convex to the point of origin

c) concave to the point of origin

d) none of these

3- The problem of ‘What to produce’ relates to.

a) the choice of technique

b) distribution of income

c) market value of the goods and services

d) the choice of goods and services

4- When marginal utility is negative, total utility is_____

a) Zero b) diminishing             c) maximum       d) minimum

5- Want satisfying capacity of the commodity is called____

a) Consumption b) utility c) production      d) Value addition

6- Budget line indicates.

a) price ratio b) income ratio             c) cost ratio                   d) none of these

7- Marginal rate of substitution indicates.

a) slope of production possibility curve

b) slope of indifference curve

c) slope of budget line

d) slope of income line

8- Law of demand must fail in case of.

a) normal goods

b) Giffen goods

c) inferior goods

d) none of these

9- Specific quantity to be purchased against a specific price of the commodity is called.

a) Demand

b) quantity demand

c) movement along the demand curve

d) shift in demand curve

10- The demand for goods like sugar and tea is usually.

a) Elastic b) inelastic          c) perfectly elastic        d) perfectly inelastic

B. Very Short Answer type question. (2 marks each)

11- What is meant by price elasticity of demand?

12- What is a demand curve?

13- Define inferior goods.

14- Define indifference map.

15- Define monotonic preference of the consumer.

16- Define opportunity cost.

17- What is meant by an economic agent?

18- Define scarcity.

19- State one example of normative economics.

20- Why do central problem arise?

C. Short answer type questions. (3 marks each)

21- State the two characteristics of resources.

22- Explain the central problem of ‘For whom to produce’.

23- What is the relation between Good-x and Good-Y, if with rise in the price of Good-x, demand for Good-Y rises? Give an example.

24- When is demand elastic?

25- What do you understand by substitutes?

26- What is the difference between micro and macro economics?

27- Define mixed economy?

28- Explain the types of demand?

29- Explain total utility?

30- Define budget set.

D. Long Answer type questions. (5 marks each)

31- What are the factors affecting price elasticity of demand?

32- Explain consumer equilibrium in two commodity case.

33- Explain the properties of indifference curve.

34- What is the relationship Between Total utility and marginal utility?

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