CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21 Information Technology (402) for class 9 Set-2


Time: 3:00 hour/M.M.-50

Sub- Information Technology (Set-2)

All questions are compulsory.


1- Fill in the blanks- (4)

i) USB Stands for ___________.

ii) AutoSum option is available in____ group under the home tab.

iii) Which Shortcut key for print the document___________.

iv) Doc stands for___________.


2- Multiple Choice questions.(6)

i) Sandeep is doing his job ___________well.

a) Very

b) much

c) good

ii) What is kept on ___________table?

a) An

b) the

c) of

iii) Which of these is not an input device?

a) Mouse

b) Scanner

c) Speaker

iv) Computer mouse event is

a) Left click

b) Right click

c) Double click

d) all of these

v) If you disagree with someone, you would you say-

a) You are right

b) I disagree

c) Stop speaking nonsense

vi) Which is the best way to complain?

a) Stay calm but firm

b) be furious

c) Cry publicly


3- Very short Answer these Question- (Any 6) (12)

i) What is Hardware?

ii) What are the requirements for Internet connection?

iii) Define the Web page

iv) What is Word Processing?

v) Define E-Commerce.

vi) What is the World Wide Web?

vii) What are the types of Internet connection?


4- Short Answer these Question- (Any 6) 18

i) Write the step to delete a row or column in a spreadsheet.

ii) What is a Network?

iii) What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

iv) What is an Operating System?

v) What is a Computer Security?

vi) How many advantage of Spreadsheet?

vii) Write the step to change the font colour.

viii) Write the step to create a table.


5- Long Answer type Question- (any 2) 6

i) What are the main components of MS Excel?

ii) Write the name types of program.

iii) Define the following terms-

a) Website

b) Stock register

c) ISP

6- Consider the following data: (4)

S.N. Name English Maths Science
2 John 43 65 78
3 Kerry 87 56 78
4 Smith 45 76 34
5 Risha 56 34 98

i) Write the Formula to find the Sum of all subjects of Kerry and Risha.

ii) Write the Formula to find the Average of marks of John.

iii) Write the function to find the total marks in Science by all the students.

iv) Write the feature used for arranging the marks in all subject from Highest to Lowest.




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