Digital Documentation Class 9 IT

Digital Documentation Class 9 IT

A word processing tool is a sort of software that gives page format & allows to kind text & create files and also enables in editing, formatting, editing, printing and storing the contents of the file.

‘Writer’ is a GUI based word processor this is just like Microsoft Word.

Document is a record that incorporates text and snap shots.

Making modifications within the present textual content is known as ‘Editing’.

Undo is an choice that allows to retrieve (carry again) previously made adjustments in a document or reverse the preceding action or a sequence of actions.

The ‘Redo’ alternative enables to reverse the adjustments which have been implemented by ‘Undo’.

Copying approach duplication of sure contents of a record by using pasting the copy of selected contents to a few other area in or out of doors a file.

The ‘Cut’ alternative helps to dispose of or reduce the chosen textual content from its original vicinity.

The ‘Find and Replace’ alternative of word processor facilitates to discover or seek a specified phrase, word or text that’s found in a report and replace a searched text with the new text.

Spell check is an extra function in Writer, which allows to check the spellings of words inside the report.

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