Important DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION Questions and Answers Class 9 IT 402


In this article CBSE students appearing in Class 9 Information Technology (402)  examination will learn some important fill ups, True and false , One word questions, short answer type questions and long answer type question with answers.  Hope you will find them helpful. 


Fill in the blanks.

1. The shortcut key to select the whole document CTRL+A.

2. It shows the name of the document Title Bar.

3. To search for a particular word in a document you can use the find feature.

4. A  cell is the rectangular boxed area formed by the intersection of rows and columns

5. The insert row option is found in the cell group.

6. Quick Tables are built-in tables in MS Word 2010. group.

7. The ribbon contains the tabs and groups.

8. Spelling & Grammar is found in the proofing  group.

9. Find and Replace is found in the Edit group.

10. Cut operation places the selected text in a temporary storage called Clipboard.

11. The default orientation in Word is portrait

12. A  blue line indicates a contextual spelling error.

13. Moving the text means removing it from its original location.

14. A bullet is a symbol written to mark an item or sentence.

15. Paragraph indent is the space between the page margin and the text.


DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION Questions and Answers Class 9 IT (True and False Questions)


1. Fixed column width option is found under the Autofit option in the Layout tab. True

2. Cut operation places the selected text in a temporary storage in the memory called clipboard.True

3. Spelling and Grammar is available under the View tab. False

4. You can add new words in the MS Word Dictionary.True

5. Print preview shows you how the printed document will look.True

6. Landscape orientation means that the width of the page is less than its length. False

7. Borders can be applied to the page or a paragraph.True

8. Margin is the blanks space on all sides of your text on the page.True

9. Save option is found in the File Tab.True

10. The copy and paste options are present in the Clipboard group. False

11. Page setup group is found in the Home tab. False

12. A table is a set of data arranged in rows and columns. True

13. You can insert a column only to the left of an existing column. False

14. A column is a vertical subset of a table.True

15. You can only find synonyms using the Thesaurus. False


DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION Questions and Answers Class 9 IT (One word questions)


1. The shortcut key for opening a document. 

Ans: CTRL + O


2. The button which reduces the document to an icon.

Ans: Minimize


3. Organizes command by tabs and groups.

Ans: Ribbons


4. Tab which has the Page Setup group.

Ans: Home Tab


5. Group which contains all character formatting options.

Ans: Font Group


6. It helps you find synonyms.



7. Shortcut key for Spelling and Grammar check.

Ans: F 7


8. Click on this group to change the border.

Ans: Page Border


9. Select this option to fit the table within the margins.

Ans: AutoFit Contents


10. The shortcut key for Copy.

Ans: CTRL +C


11. You will find alignment options in this group.

Ans: Paragraph group


12. The option to convert text to table is found in this group.

Ans: Table Group


DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION Questions and Answers Class 9 IT ( Short answer questions)


1. What is a word processor?

Ans: A word processor is an application software which is used for creating, storing and printing documents. 


2. With what extension name is a word document saved?

Ans: .docx


3. What are different types of alignment allowed in MS word?

Ans:Left, Right, Center, Justify


4. What are the options available in Autofit?

Ans: Autofit Contents, Autofit Window   


5. Which two additional tabs appear when you work with tables?

Ans:Insert Table, Draw Table


6. How is the Mini toolbar useful?

Ans: Mini toolbar helps you work with fonts, alignment, text color, indenting, and bullets.


7. Name some Text Effects which can be applied to the text.

Ans: Outline, Shadow, Reflection , Glow


8. What is meant by alignment?

Ans: Alignment is the placement of text on the page with respect to its left and right margins. 


9. What are the different document views? Name them.

Ans: Print layout, Full Screen reading, Web Layout, Outline 


10. How is the preview useful?

Ans:Print Preview shows you exactly how your text will be printed on each page.


DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION Questions and Answers Class 9 IT ( Long answer questions)


1. What is Orientation? Explain the two different types of orientation.

Ans: Orientation is a term used to describe the positioning or overall layout of an item related to other items. For example, Portrait and Landscape are two common orientations found in some software applications, especially word processors.


2. What are tab stops? Name the different types available in Word.

Ans: A tab stop is the location where the cursor stops after the Tab key is pressed. Tab stops are used in word processors to allow users to align text.

A left tab stop sets the start position of text that will run to the right as you type. 

A center tab stop sets the position at the middle of the text.  The text centers on this position as you type.

A right tab stop sets the right end of the text.

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