402 Information Technology Class 9 Sample Question Paper Half Yearly Examination 2022-23


TIME: 2 HOURS/ M.M. 50

General Instructions:

(1) Please read the instructions carefully.

(2) This Question Paper consists of 34 questions in two sections: Section A & Section B.

(3) All questions are compulsory.

(4) Section A has Objective type questions whereas Section B contains Subjective type questions.

(5) All questions of a particular section must be attempted in the correct order.


(i) This section has 24 questions. Select the correct option for the given statements. 

(ii) Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part.

(iii) There is no negative marking. iv. Do as per the instructions given.


(i) This section has 10 questions.

(ii) Do as per the instructions given.

(iii) Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part.



Answer these questions on Employability Skills.(1 x 6=6 marks)


1. Which of the following method is used to receive information from the sender through a letter?

i) Listening

ii) Speaking

iii) Reading

iv) Writing


2. Which of these is a positive (good) facial expression?

i) Staring hard

ii) Nodding while listening

iii) Wrinkled forehead

iv) Looking away from the speaker


3. Grooming is a term associated with

i) Time management

ii) Problem solving

iii) Neat and clean appearance

iv) Self-management


4. An ability to control your behavior and discipline is called as

i) Self awareness

ii) Self confidence

iii) Self control

iv) Self care


5. ICT stands for

i) Internet Computer Technology

ii) Intra Computing Time

iii) Internet and Communication Technology

iv) Information and communication Technology


6. Sujata was working on a project given by her Boss, She deleted her file by mistake from her computer. Now she is worried about the file. Suggest her correct option to recover the file from the following options.

i) Computer

ii) Windows Explorer

iii) Recycle Bin

iv) permanently deleted


Answer these questions on Introduction to IT-IteS Industry. (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

7. The full form of BPM is.

i) Business Process manager

ii) Business Process Management

iii) Business Protocol Management

iv) Business Protocol Manager


8. Which of the following is not an IT application in Scientific Research and Engineering?

i) CAD

ii) CAM

iii) CAE

iv) CRM


9. Companies having headquarters in one country and offices in multiple locations across the globe are____

i) MNC’s

ii) ISP

iii) GIC

iv) CAD


10. It is a business practice of hiring a third party to provide some required goods or services, while focusing on core work inhouse.

i) IT

ii) Outprocessing

iii) Outsourcing

iv) Contracting

402 Information Technology Class 9 Sample Question Paper Half Yearly Examination 2022-23

11. Companies which are subsidiaries of own company to provide exclusive special services to own company, are

i) GIC

ii) CAM

iii) ISP

iv) MNCs


12.______ refers to the facts or raw material, which are processed to get the information.

i) Information

ii) Data

iii) Input

iv) Processed data


Answer these questions on Digital Documentation. (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

13. Which of the following is a way of selecting a word in a word processor using mouse?

i) Single click

ii) Double click

iii) Triple click

iv) Scrolling


14. Mr. Ranjan wants to write x². But when he writes this, it shows x2. Which option he should use to get 2 at its proper place?

i) Strikethrough

ii) Change case

iii) Superscript

iv) Subscript


15. The shortcut key to enter a page break is_____.

i) Ctrl + Del

ii) Ctrl + Page down

iii) Ctrl + Enter

iv) Ctrl + end


16. The default orientation of a page in Open Office Writer is______.

i) Portrait

ii) Landscape

iii) Normal

iv) Print Layout


17. In writer, the Mail Merge Wizard can be started through ______ menu.

i) Insert

ii) Format

iii) Tools

iv) View


18. The cursor is positioned at X as shown in the table below.



Which key should be pressed to move the cursor (visible after GRAPES) to the cell containing the word ORANGE.

i) Enter

ii) Ctrl

iii) Shift

iv) Tab


Answer these questions on Electronic Spreadsheet.  (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

19. What is the extension of a workbook in Open Office Calc?

i) .odf


iii) .xls



20. If you enter 34 +20 in a cell, Calc will display

i) 54

ii) A34+A20

iii) A20+ A 34

iv) 34 +20

402 Information Technology Class 9 Sample Question Paper Half Yearly Examination 2022-23


21. Anita is working in an IT company. She has typed the names in Calc. His Boss told her arrange the names in Alphabetical order (A to Z). What feature of Calc should she use?

i) Filtering

ii) Formatting

iii) Describing

iv) Sorting


22. What does the crop tool do?

i) It allows you to change the colour of an image

ii) it deletes a photo or image

iii) It allows you to change the size of an image

iv) It allows you to remove unwanted part of an image


23. The command to freeze some rows/columns is found on ____ menu.

i) View

ii) tools

iii) Data

iv) Window


24. ________shortcut key combination is used to find or search for something in Calc document.

i) Ctrl + S

ii) Ctrl+L

iii) Ctrl+F

iv) Ctrl + D

402 Information Technology Class 9 Sample Question Paper Half Yearly Examination 2022-23




Answer these questions on Employability Skills (2 x 3=6) marks)

25. Write the difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal communication.

26. What is Self-confidence and Self-esteem?

27. Write one difference between RAM and ROM.


Answer these questions on Subject Specific Skills. (2 x 4 = 8 marks)


28. Define IT and ITeS.


29. When do you need to use merging and splitting of cells in a table?


30. Name the different types of text alignments in Open Office Writer. Also write shortcut cut key for them.


31. How Charts are beneficial feature of Calc? Name any two types of Charts in Calc.


Answer these questions on Subject Specific Skills. (4 x 3=12 marks)

32. Explain any four areas where the application of IT and its tools have made a useful impact.


33. What is Mail Merge? Explain the components of Mail Merge.


34. Consider the following work sheet and answer the questions that follow:

2 F001 Chair 1200 500
3 F002 Sofa 85000 1200
4 F003 Chair 3000 800
5 F004 Table 3000 1000

i) Write formula to Calculate amount after discount for F001 in cell E2 considering the discount in cell D2.

ii) Insert function in cell E6 to calculate average AMOUNT.

iii) Display how many furniture items are there using a function in cell A6.

iv) Write the steps to create a Pie Chart on the DESCRIPTION and MRP.



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