Information Technology 402 Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10

CBSE Sample Paper for Session 2021-22 Term-II


Max. Time Allowed: 1 Hour (60 min) Max. Marks: 25

General Instructions:

1. Please read the instructions carefully

2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.

3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.

a) Questions numbers 1 to 4 are one mark questions. Attempt any three questions.

b) Questions numbers 5 and 6 are two marks questions. Attempt any one question.

4. Section B is of 12 marks and has 12 questions on Subject Specific Skills.

a) Questions numbers 7 to 12 are one mark questions. Attempt any four questions.

b) Questions numbers 13 to 18 are two marks questions. Attempt any four questions.

5. Section C is of 08 marks and has 03 competency-based questions.

a) Questions numbers 19 to 21 are four marks questions. Attempt any two questions.

6. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.

7. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.

IT Sample Paper Class 10 term 2 code 402


SECTION A (3 + 2 = 5 marks)

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 4 questions. Each question is of 1 mark.

1. Give any one quality of a successful entrepreneur

Ans: They are confident


2. Name the term used for a false belief or opinion about something.

Ans : Myth


3. Give any one practice / sustainable process that is being used to help preserve the environment.

Ans : one such practice is organic farming/ vermicomposting etc.


4. Give an example of large scale production of solar power in India

Ans : Charanka – Gujarat Solar Park


Answer any 1 question out of the given 2 questions. Each question is of 2 marks.

5. Explain any two functions of an entrepreneur.

Ans : Any two functions of an entrepreneur are :
a. making decisions:
b. Managing the business


6. ‘Reduced Inequalities’ is one of the Sustainable development goals set by the UN. Give any two ways to reduce inequalities.

Ans : Two easy to reduce inequalities are :
– be helpful to one another.
– be friendly with everyone


SECTION B (4 + 8 = 12 marks)

Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions

7. Name the device that converts digital signal to analog that can travel over phone lines.



8. _________key is an accessibility function which is designed for people who have vision impairment or cognitive disabilities.

Ans: Toggle key


9. Networks in which certain computers have special dedicated tasks, providing services to other computers (in the network) are called _______ networks.

Ans: client server


10. Mention any two integer data types of a table field in database.



11. Name the relationship in which one column of the primary key table is associated with all the columns of the associated table and vice versa.

Ans: One to Many Relationship or Many to One Relationship


12. Define Reports of a database.

Ans: A report helps to display the data in a summarized manner. It is used to generate the overall work outcome in a clear format. You can create reports in the database.


Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions

13. List any 4 advantages associated with networking.

Ans. Four advantages are :
Data Sharing Files Transfer
Hardware Sharing. Internet Access Sharing
Usage of network based applications


14. Differentiate between wired and wireless access. Give one example for each type.

Ans: A wired setup uses physical cables to transfer data between different devices and computer systems. Wireless network does not use wires for data or voice. Examples Wired: Dial-up, DSL or Cable Internet Access etc
Wireless .3G or WiMAX or Wi-Fi


15. What do you understand by ISP with respect to web applications? Name any two connection type that home users use.

An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization which provides you with access to the Internet via a dial-up (using modem) or direct (hard wired) or wireless connection. DSL, cable modem, dial-up, broadband wireless, WiMAX etc


16. How Entry Required and Default Value properties of a table field in a database are different from each other?

Entry Required – if set to yes then it will be necessary for the user to insert the value in the field which means that field cannot be left blank.
Default Value – A default value can be set for a field if user don’t provide any value while entering the values in the table.


17. What is Referential Integrity? Explain its two(any) purposes.

Referential Integrity is used to maintain accuracy and consistency of data in a relationship. In Base, data can be linked between two or more tables with the help of primary key and foreign key constraints.
Referential integrity helps to avoid:
1. Records can be added to a related table, if there is no associated record available in the primary key table.
2. The values can be modified in a primary if any dependent records are present in the associated table(s).
3. Deleting records from a primary key table if there are any matching related records available in associated table(s)


18. Identify the columns and data types of a table: Airlines. Mention at least four columns with data type.

Columns Data type
Flight No Text
No.of Passengers Integer
Airlines Text
Arrival Time Date/Time
Departure Time Date/Time
Fares Float


SECTION C (2 x 4 = 8 marks)


Answer any 02 questions out of the given 03 questions

19. Rahul and Amit are working on a school project assigned to them by their teacher. They have to send instant messages to each other and also do video conferencing after school hours in order to complete the project on time.

a) Suggest any 4 good instant messaging software that they can use.

Ans: Google Talk , Yahoo! Messenger , Skype , Windows Live Messenger , Rediff Bol, MS-Teams, ZOOM etc


b) Apart from computers, list 4 hardwares that Rahul and Amit need for videoconferencing.

Ans: Headphone, Speaker & Microphone & Web Camera


20. Rahul has purchased some stationary items from an online site. He has to make online payment for the items to complete the transaction. Help by answering his following queries.

a) Suggest any two options that he can use to make payment of his bill on the online shopping website.

Ans: credit, debit card or by internet banking etc


b) Name any 2 situations where online shopping could be useful.

Ans: A customer does not have sufficient time to visit stores.
• Visiting a store is more expensive than purchasing a product online.
• A product or service that is not available in the local market is available online. etc


c) Name any 2 popular online transaction websites.

Ans: Flipkart , amazon, Myntra etc


d) Write full form of COD in reference to online shopping.

Ans: Cash On Delivery


21. Given Table TEACHERS


1 JUGAL 34 COMPUTER 10/01/2019 12000 M
2 PRATIGYA 31 SCIENCE 24/03/2019 20000 F
3 SANDEEP 32 MATHS 12/12/2019 30000 M
4 SANGEETA 35 SCIENCE 01/07/2020 40000 F
5 SATTI 42 MATHS 05/09/2020 25000 M
6 SHYAM 50 SCIENCE 27/06/2021 30000 M
7 SHIVOM 44 COMPUTER 25/02/2021 21000 M
8 SHALAKHA 33 MATHS 31/07/2020 20000 F


Write SQL commands:

a) To show all the information about IT teachers.

Ans: Select * from Teachers where subject = “COMPUTER”;


b) To list the details of all the teachers who are getting salary between 20000 to 35000.

Ans: Select * from teachers where salary >= 20000 and salary <= 35000;


c) To display the subject of all the teachers whose age is more than 40 years.

Ans: Select Subject from Teachers where age > 40;


d) To display the list of names of all the teachers in alphabetical order.

Ans: Select * from Teachers order by name


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