Class 10 Information Technology 402 Term 2 Sample Paper Set 2

Max. Time Allowed: 1 Hour (60 min)

Maximum Marks: 25

General Instructions:

This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.

Section A

Attempt any 3 of the 4 questions. (1 x 3 = 3 marks)

1. Give one example which shows society plays an important role in entrepreneurship.

Ans. Creates needs and demands, provides raw materials, facilitates networking, etc.


2. Write one role of an entrepreneur?

Ans.  Mobilisation of public wealth.


3. Name the economy by which can protect the environment and at the same time contribute to economic growth.

Ans. Green economy


4. Manoj is a social activist and an environmentalist, he used to spread awareness and awaken people about climate change and global warming. What is the benefit of his efforts?

Ans. It reduces the negative effects of climate change and global warming.


Attempt any 1 of the 2 questions. (2 x 1 = 2 marks)

5. How do entrepreneurs contribute to society?

Ans. Entrepreneurs often do more for the greater good than the average person. They make honest money with great struggle and pay for taxes and public services, thereby contributing and returning to the economy. Many of them take green initiatives for the environment and contribute to charities for social causes.


6. What are the fundamental components of sustainable development?

Ans. There are three fundamental components of sustainable development.

1) Economic development: It is providing incentives for businesses under sustainability guidelines.

2) Social development: It awakens and protects the health of people from pollution.

3) Environmental protection: It protects the environment and checks the implementation of 4Rs.


Section B

Attempt any 4 of the 6 questions. (1 x 4 = 4 marks)

7. Ram is creating a table and wants that a field GENDER should not be left blank and default gender is Female. Help Ram in doing so.

Ans. Set the property Entry required to Yes and Default Value to Female.


8. What does referential integrity maintain in a database?

Ans. Referential integrity reduces data redundancy and maintains data consistency in the database.V


9. Name the SQL commands which are the part of DML?

Ans. Update, Delete and Insert.


10. People with hearing impairment can also watch and understand movies by using the closed captions, which is similar to the __________.

Ans.Turn on text captions


11. Which option best makes the computer easier to see.

Ans. Turn on magnifier, lets the user to move pointer and see objects larger.


12. ________ is a software used to access web sites and interfaces between the user and the world wide web.

Ans. Web browser   


Attempt any 4 of the 6 questions. (2 x 4 = 8 marks)

13. Consider the following table structure and specify its field types and other constraints as per the specifications given:

Flight_No >automatically generated for the newly added record

Sector> Name of the sector, default sector is MUM-DEL

Base Fare> Indian rupee with 2 decimals

Total Fare> Indian rupee with 2 decimals, should not be blank

Capacity>Number of seats, should not be blank


Ans. The table structure is given below:

Field Type Constraint Properties
Flight_No Integer Primary Key AutoValue=yes
Sector Varchar(50) Default value=MUM-DEL
Base Fare Decimal Decimal places=2
Total Fare Decimal Decimal places=2, Entry required=Yes
Capacity Integer Entry required=Yes


14. What is a primary key? How will you set a field as primary key in a table?

Ans. A primary key uniquely identifies each record in a table. Such field neither stores duplicate values nor any null value. To set a field as primary key, open the table in Design View and right click on the desired field. Select the option Primary key and save the table.


15. Give a real life example of 3 types of relationship each.


One-to-many :- A teacher teaches many classes

Many-to-many :- Many customers buy multiple products

One-to-one :- A passenger is allocated one seat in the flight.


16. How is a WAN network different from MAN network?

Ans. A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a geographically independent communication network. It covers a large geographical area and may be privately owned or rented. However it has lower data transmission rate. A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a large network that usually spans a city, but does not extend the boundaries of the immediate town, city, or metropolitan area.


17. Describe computer related ergonomics?

Ans. Ergonomic safety in computer operation involves body posture, duration of working, safety of sensitive organs such as eyes and right skill. For example, to type for longer duration on a keyboard, one must be trained in the typing skills of specific language keyboard, the right posture of the body, kind of chair, position of knees and elbows, position of wrists while typing and using mouse, distance from the monitor, intensity of the monitor glare etc. need to be considered.


18. How do you know that a website is secured?

Ans. A secured website URL begins with https:// instead of http and it shows a locked padlock icon. This is a proof that the website is SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certified by an authorised certification agency. No https and padlock icon of an opened lock means that website is not secured.

 Section C


Attempt any 2 of the 3 questions. (4 x2 = 8 marks)


19. Answer the following questions based on the table named Perf shown here.

Table: Perf

Adm_No Student_Name Sports Academics CoCurricular Stars
1001 Anu Sen 89 90 88 null
1002 Ritik Gupta null null null null
1003 Rehan Khan 92 89 null null
1004 Suman Verma 95 null 88 null
1005 Mohan Kumar null 65 68 null


i) Display average performance of all in sports and academics with suitable column headings.

Ans. select avg(Sports) as sports_average, avg(Academics) as acad_average  from Perf

ii) Set 4 stars to all those who have 80 or more in academics.

Ans. Update Perf set Stars=4 where Academics>=80

iii) Set 3 stars to all those who have minimum 65 and max 79 in academics.

Ans. Update Perf set Stars=3 where academics between 65 and 79

iv) Set 5 stars for those who secured more than 80 in sports, academics and co-curricular each.

Ans. Update Perf set Stars=5 where sports>80 and academics>80 and CoCurricular>80


20. Describe the various workplace emergencies briefly.


1) Work-specific emergencies – blasts, explosions, spills of hazardous material, breakdown, crash etc.

2) Equipment or machine-related emergencies like sudden injury, cuts or bruises; body-part or cloth stuck in the machinery, accidents related to turbines, boilers and chemical plants.

3) Natural calamities also increase the chances of accidents, like, heavy rainfall at a construction or mining site, earthquakes, extreme temperature and weather conditions.

4) Civil or behavioural emergencies – violence at workplace, strike or hostile crowd, unauthorised access.

5) Pandemic: Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world had almost come to a halt. The workplaces need to be kept safe during lock down.


21. Discuss the workplace safety during a pandemic like Covid-19.

Ans. Covid-19 pandemic put the world at halt claiming millions of lives. This pandemic is caused by various deadly strains of novel corona virus. Now, people are vaccinated but we still need to follow safety measures. Being a virus that survives for days in air and attacks the body through its respiratory track, we need to follow basic hygiene as use of sanitisers, washing hands, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing in public, not touching the face and eyes without sanitising hands, keeping a watch on the common symptoms and going in isolation of detected positive.


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