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Insert and Use Images:


Inserting an Image file:

In Writer, there are several ways to insert pictures, either using the “Insert” menu, directly from a graphics program or a scanner or from the Open Office Gallery.


Drag and Drop :


Step 1: Open a file browser window and locate the image we want to insert.


Step 2: Drag the image into the writer document and 0 drop it where we want it to appear. A faint vertical line marks where the image will be dropped.


This method embeds (saves a copy of) the image file in the Writer document. To link the file instead of embedding it, hold down the “CTRL + Shift” keys while dragging the same.



Insert Picture Dialog :


Step 1: Click in the Open Office document, where we want the image to appear.

Step 2: Choose “Insert > Picture > from file from the menu bar”.

Step 3: On the “Insert Picture dialog” navigate to the file to be inserted and click “Open” .


At the bottom of the dialog there are two options, “Preview” and “Link”. Select “Preview” to view a thumbnail of the selected image on the right, so we can verify that we have the correct file.


Inserting an Image from the Clipboard:


Using the clipboard, we can copy images into an Open Office document from another Open Office document and from other programe. To do this:


Step 1: Open both the source document and the target document.

Step 2: In the source document, select the image to be copied.

Step 3: Move the mouse pointer over the selected image and press “control +C” to copy the image to the clipboard.

Step 4: Switch to the target document.

Step 5: Click to place the cursur where the graphic is to be inserted.

Step 6: Press “Control + V” to insert the image.


Inserting on Image Using a Scanner :

If a scanner is connected to our computer Open Office can call the scanning application and inserted the scanned item into the Open Office document as an image. To start the procedure, click where we want the graphic to be inserted and select Insert > Picture > Scan > Select Source”


Inserting an Image from the Gallery:


The Gallery provides a convenient way to group reusable objects such as graphics and sounds that we can insert into our documents.


The Gallery is available in all components of Open office. It does not come with many graphics, but we can add our own pictures or find extensions containing more graphics.


To insert a Gallery image into a writer Document:


Step 1: To open the Gallery, click on the Gallery icon or choose Tools > Gallery from the menu bar.

Step 2: Navigate through the Gallery to find the desired picture.

Step 3: To insert the picture, click and drag it from the Gallery into the Writer document. We can also right click on the picture and choose Insert > Copy


By default, the Gallery is docked above the Writer workspace. To expand the Gallery, position the pointer over the line that derives it from the top of the workspace.

When the pointer changes to parallel lines with arrows, click and drag downward. The workspace resizes in response.

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