CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21 Information Technology-402 for class 10

Time: 2:00 hours/M.M.-50

General Instructions:

  1. Read the question paper carefully.
  2. Question paper is divided into four sections :

Section A – Multiple choice questions (1 mark each)

In this section attempt any two from the first three Questions. Attempt a total of six questions

Section B – Very Short Answer (2 mark each)

Section C – Short Answer (3 mark each)

Section D- Long Answer (5 mark each)


Section A (6 marks)

1) The market is just ……………. the corner.

a) at

b) around

c) on

d) to

2)Our specialty is ……………. tandoori chicken. Do try it.

a) a

b) an

c) the

d) no article needed

3) Study the following situation in “saying no”

Speaker 1: Can I borrow some money?

Speaker 2: …………………………………………

a) no, you can’t.

b) I am sorry, but I won’t be able to lend you.

c) I will not give you.

d) I am sorry, but you can’t borrow right now.

4) ……………. is the type of wireless internet connectivity.

a) dial up

b) DSL

c) 3G

d) Cable internet access

5) ……………. is not a toggle key.

a) Caps lock

b) Delete

c) Num lock

d) Scroll Lock

6) Autosum option is available in ……………. group under the home tab.

a) Number

b) Styles

c) Cells

d) Editing

7) Priyam has prepared a sales report for his company in excel. He does not want to display the data in some columns. He should choose …………….to make the columns invisible.


b) Conditional formatting

c) AutoSum

d) Hide

8) …………….is the visual motion when one slide changes to the next during a presentation.

a)Slide transition

b) Animation

c) Chart

d) none

9)……………. creates a timeline of transactions that can be linked to a contact.

a)telephone calls

b) appointment

c)journal entry

d) meeting

10)……………. are short text messages that are used for taking quick notes.


b) list

c) file

d) journal

11)A/An ……………. statement is used to modify records in a database.


b) Update

c) Select

d) Create

12)A ……………. creates a timeline of transactions that can be linked to a contact.

Section B (16 marks)

Answer any 8 questions out of the given 10 questions:

13)What do you mean by reflexive pronoun? Give example.

14)Jasmine lost her book, how she can describe the book which was lost? Mention at least four attributes to describe the book.

15)A friend of yours has done a favor for you, now how would you express your appreciation for your friend?

16)Write down the necessary steps to add a footer to your document.

17)What do you understand by word wrapping? List any two word wrapping options available in a word processing software.

18)How can you insert a movie clip in the presentation using insert and layout option?

19)In how many ways, you can insert a table in the presentation? Mention them.

20)What do you mean by task? How you can create and edit a task?

21)State the relationship and difference between primary key and foreign key.

22)Write an SQL query to create a table with the following structure.

Field Type
Emp_No Char (4)
Name Varchar(25)
Salary Float
Department Varchar (15)


Section C (18 marks)

23) State three rules and etiquettes to be followed while chatting on the internet. (3)

24)Write the steps to create the tab stop position at 3″. (3)

25)Mention three character formatting options, along with the detail how to use it. (3)

26)Explain Conditional formatting with the help of an example. List any two formats that can be used for conditional formatting. (3)

27) Kartikay is preparing a Digital Presentation. Help him to choose the correct option to

a)Keep the same transition and sound effect to all the slides.(1)

b)Insert a movie that has already been downloaded in the slide.(1)

c)Add notes to a particular slide.(1)

28)Write the answers based on the following table:(3)

Dept No. Deptname Name City
S101 Sales Pranjal Delhi
HR404 HR Preeti Chennai
P204 Purchase Mohit Bangalore
AD990 Admin Shami Mumbai

a)Suggest a suitable data type for the Deptname field.

b) Write a query to display all the records of the table.

c)Add a new record with the following details:

(‘S106’, ‘Sales’, “Kritika Tuteja”, “Delhi”).


Section D (10 marks)

29)Explain the purpose of internet security. Also, mention some of the best internet security practices.(5)

30)Consider the following spreadsheet and answer the questions that follow: (5)

a)Calculate the Total Price as Price * No_of_copies in cell E2.

b)Which option can be used to arrange the books in ascending order of price( lowest to highest)?

c)Find the highest price of a book and display it in cell C6.

d)Which option can be used to change the background color of a cell?

e)Mention the feature used to display the data in a graphical form.

f)Change the alignment of text in cell B2 to central aligned.




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