It 402 Sample Paper 2021 22 Class 10 Term 1


Max. Time Allowed: 60 Minutes

Max. Marks: 25

General Instructions:

1. Please read the instructions carefully

2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz, Section A, Section B and Section

3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.

4. Section B is of 15 marks and has 20 questions on Subject Specific Skills.

5. Section is of 05 marks and had 07 competency-based questions.

6. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.

7. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.

8. All questions must be attempted in the correct order.



Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills. (1×5=5)

1. Which of the following is a barrier to effective communication?

a) Past Experience

b) Visual perception

c) Language

d) All of these


2. By being courteous in communication, one is expected to be ________ to others.

a) Cruel 

b) harsh

c) polite

d) disrespectful


3. Which of the following helps to reduce stress?

a) Sitting at home the whole day

b) Working non stop

c) Going for a nature walk

d) None of these


4. The advantage/advantages of working individually include: 

a) efficient planner

b) more clarity

c) full credit

d) all of these


5. BIOS stands for:

a) Base Input/Output Software

b) Basic Input/Output system

c) Basic Input/Output Software

d) Basic Indoor/Outdoor Software


6. Virus is actually a computer

a) Program

b) hardware

c) component

d) data




Answer any 15 questions out of the given 20 questions. (1×15=15)


7. ____ means to cut off some parts of the pictures. This is done when you do not wish to use the entire picture and are interested only in some part of it.

a) Rotating 

b) Resizing

c) Cropping

d) Colorize


8. A _________is a tool that allows you to substitute set of values automatically in a worksheet.

a) Navigator

b) Scenario

c) Subtotal

d) Goal seek


9. _________refers to a sample document which is not completely blank.

a) Saved file

b) Template

c) Saved document

d) All of these


10. Which of the following keys used to cancel the selected drawing function?

a) Caps Lock Key

b) Shift Key

c) Esc Key

d) Alt Key


11. In mail merge, which of the following is created before the main documents?

a) Address Block 

b) Mailing Labels

c) Data Source

d) Both (a) and (b)


12. ______are statements used to retrieve specific data from a database.

a) Reports

b) Tables

c) Forms

d) Queries


13. Comment option is present under ________option.

a) Edit

b) File

c) Insert

d) Tools


14. Which application can be used for creating a data source for mail merge? 

a) Impress

b) Corel Draw

c) Calc

d) None of these


15. To create a hyperlink to a webpage, FTP server of Telnet connection, click on_____ icon

a) Internet Explorer

b) Document

c) Internet

 d) New document


16. The word __________ appears at the top of the Cale window next to the filename, when you share a workbook. 

a) Shared 

b) (shared)

c) [shared] sheets

d) None of these


17. Spreadsheet software can find the changes by________ sheets.

a) changing

b) Adding

c) comparing

d) deleting


18. To password protect the worksheet, click on Edit → Changes → ______

a) Password

b) Password Protect

c) Protect Records

d)Protect Password


19. To refer a cell from another worksheet, use worksheet number followed by ____ sign and cell address.

a) period(.)

b) equal(=)

c) colon(:)

d) semi colon(;)


20. Shortcut to Navigator is __________

a) F10

b) F8

c) F6

d) F5


21. The file extension for database created using OpenOffice .Org Base is ______


b) .dbs




22. ____hyperlink does not specify the protocol and /or domain name. They are shorter and usually more convenient and portable.

a) Absolute

b) Relative

c) Mixed

d) Address


23. Which of the following graphic filters modifies the image dramatically?

a) Solarization 

b) Aging

c) Pop Art

d) Posterize


24. To ________ the comment, hover the mouse pointer over the cell that has comment.

a) edit

b) hide

c) view

d) none of these


25. Sort option is present under menu ________.

a) Insert

b) Edit

c) Format

d) Data


26. Which of the following is the short cut key to paste the image?

a) Ctrl + P

b) Ctrl + V

c) Ctrl + C

d) Shift + P



Answer any 5 questions out of the given 7 questions.

27. Manisha is creating a project in Open Office writer. She wants to add photos from her Laptop in her document. Which steps she should use?

a) Edit→ Picture → File

b) Insert →Pictures →From File

c) File →Pictures → File

d) Tools →Pictures → File


28. Simran is celebrating her son’s birthday. She wants to invite her friends and family members to the party. Which feature will she use to send the same invite to many people with different address without typing it again and again?

a) Letter Wizard

b) Mail Merge

c) Document Type

d) None of these


29. Nitya is a student of class X. Her teacher has told her to create a project on Corona Virus. While creating the project in Writer, she realized the pictures she has inserted at the end of every paragraph will look better when placed around the text or along with the text. Name the feature of Writer she can use to accomplish this task.

a) Text grouping

b) Text wrapping

c) Object grouping

d) Object wrapping


30.Suppose your teacher has data of Theory marks out of 70 and Practical marks out of 30 for different subjects and she/he wants to make a new spreadsheet containing Total marks out of 100 in each subjects. Select the correct option to perform this task.

a) Track changes

b) Consolidation

c) Properties

d) Goal seek


31. Reena is working in a company. She has to create spreadsheet every day. She uses same steps to create spreadsheets. Can you suggest her feature of spreadsheet through which she can perform these tasks quickly without repeating the steps every time?

a) Track changes

b) Macro

c) Linking worksheet

d) Password protect


32. Sonal has created a query in Open office Base. Her mouse is not working. So she needs help to run her query. Suggest the shortcut key to run query with help of keyboard.

a) Shift + F5

b) Ctrl + FS

c) Alt + F5

d) F5



33.Suppose you are an owner of a computer shop. You have a list of services provided to your customers by different hardware engineers during Jan to April. Now you want to find the total number of services provided by your engineers every month. Which feature will be used by you?

a) Grouping worksheet

b) Subtotals

c) Goal seek

d) The solver

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