What is Django framework?

Django is a high-level Python web framework that enhances fast development and clean and simple design. It is a framework for web application development. Django helps eliminate repetitive tasks by making the development process an easy and time-saving experience source.

It took the name of the famous guitarist Django Reinhardt. It was developed by Adrian Holovaty. It follows the principle of not repeating itself, which means that the code is simply and not repeated.

Django is also a high-level MVT (Model View Template) architect. Like most modern frameworks, Django supports the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.


Advantages of Django framework

ORM (Object Relationship Mapping Support): Django provides a bridge between the data model and the database engine and is compatible with a large number of database systems including MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Supports No-SQL databases: Django supports NO-SQL databases via the Django-Nonrel fork.

Multilingual support: Django supports multilingual websites through its internationalization system. Can we develop a website that supports multiple languages?

Framework support: Django provides compilation support for Ajax, RSS, Caching and various other management.

GUI frameworks: Django offers a nice out-of-the-box user interface for administrative activities.

Development environment: Django comes with a lightweight web server to make it easy to end -to- End application development and testing.

Less coding required: it requires less coding so that it can be developed quickly.

Not repeated: everything just unfolds in exactly one place instead of repeating it over and over.

Scalable: Django uses an architecture that doesn’t share anything based on components.

Secured: Django enables protection against many inputs by default, including SQL injection, cross-site request spoofing of cross-action scripts, and so on.


How Django works?


1- Request/response

2- Web request enter Django application via URL

3- Requests processed by Django views

4- Web responses returned:

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