Presentation on Approaches and methods of Value Education

Positive Reinforcement

  • It is the process whereby desirable behaviour is encouraged by presenting a reward at the time of occurrence of such behaviour.
  • It creates happiness
  • It helps to identify the strengths of students
  • It utilises their strengths to accomplish the tasks
  • It produces new and desirable behaviours
  • Desired behaviour will educate a child morally, and so the purpose of value education be solved.


Importance of  Value-based Education

  • Builds positive character.
  • Strengthens students’ self-esteem.
  • Helps them exercise ethical judgment and social responsibilities.
  • Students develop a secure sense of self.
  • They become more empowered to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • It builds the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in a child.
  • They become better citizens of the country.

Need of Value-based Education

  • Increasing violent activities
  • Behavioural disorder
  • Lack of unity in society
  • Lack of obedience and discipline


Activities to be conducted in classes

  • Value Charts
  • Value Record Copy
  • Habits Box
  • Monthly Value-based theme

Habits Box

Students made two boxes: Good Habits & Bad Habits

  • They put slips of paper as per their habits into the two boxes.
  • As and when they got rid of their bad habit, they wrote their good habit on the back of the same slip and put that slip in Good Habits box.
  • They wrote their names at the back of their good habit slip.
  • The names along with the good habits were announced in the class every week.

Monthly Theme – Value

  • A value is selected for every month like politeness, honesty, kindness, gratefulness etc.
  • Children practice these values everywhere in school, at home, etc.
  • ‘How, where and in what way’ did they practice these values they wrote in their Value Record Copy

Example: “I Was (Polite) To …”

  • They paste photographs to support their application of these values.


Positive reinforcement to instill values helped students

  • in building positive character
  • strengthen their self-esteem
  • exercise ethical judgment & social responsibilities
  • develop a secure sense of self
  • become more empowered to take responsibility of their own learning
  • understand their habits and worked towards changing positivity
  • be happy.

Student Gains

  • development of positive attitude
  • understanding of the importance of basic values
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • respect for everybody
  • awareness of one’s social responsibility
  • become caring


Thus, we can see how values can be included in our present education system, and surely

Values Make The Difference

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