Class 12 IP Half Yearly Sample Paper 2022-23


General instructions :

1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Marks are indicated against each question.

3. Question paper consist five sections A, B, C, D & E.

4. Section A consist of 21 Questions, one mark each.

5. Section B consist of 14 objective type question, one mark each.

6. Section C consist of 10 very short answer type questions, one mark each.

7. Section D consist of 10 short answer type question, two mark each.

8. Section E consist of 5 long answer type question, three mark each.

9. Internal choice have been given for question number 4 (Section A)



Section – A

SR Questions Marks
1 Mr. Ankit is working in an organization as data analyst. He uses Python Pandas and Matplotlib for the same. He got a dataset of the passengers for the year 2010 to 2012 for January, March and December. His manager wants certain information from him, but he is facing some problems. Help him by answering few questions given below:

12 IP Q1

Code to create the above data frame:

 import pandas as ____________                                     #Statement 1


             “Month”:[“Jan”,”Mar”,”Jan”,”Dec”,”Dec”] ,


df=pd1.____________________(data)                                #Statement 2


i Choose the right code from the following for statement 1.

i. pd                            ii. pd1                       iii. data                           iv. p

ii Choose the right code from the following for the statement 2.

i. Dataframe             ii. DataFrame         iii. Series                       iv. Dictionary

iii Choose the correct statement/ method for the required output: (5,3)

i. df.index                  ii. df.shape()           iii. df.shape                  iv. df.size

iv He wants to print the details of “January” month along with the number of passengers, Identify the correct statement:

12 IP Q2

i.                     df.loc[[‘Month’,’Passengers’]][df[‘Month’]==’Jan’]

ii.                   df[[‘Month’,’Passengers’]][df[‘Month’]==’Jan’]

iii.                 df.iloc[[‘Month’,’Passengers’]][df[‘Month’]==’Jan’]

iv.                 df([‘Month’,’Passengers’]][df[‘Month’]==’Jan’)

v Mr. Ankit wants to change the index of the Data Frame and the output for the same is given below. Identify the correct statement to change the index

12 IP 1V

i.                     df.index[]=[“Air India”,”Indigo”,”Spicejet”,”Jet”,”Emirates”]

ii.                   df.index[“Air India”,”Indigo”,”Spicejet”,”Jet”,”Emirates”]

iii.                 df.index=[“Air India”,”Indigo”,”Spicejet”,”Jet”,”Emirates”]

iv.                 df.index()=[“Air India”,”Indigo”,”Spicejet”,”Jet”,”Emirates”]

2 Mr. Sharma is working in a game development industry and he was comparing the given chart on the basis of the rating of the various games available on the play store


He is trying to write a code to plot the graph. Help Mr. Sharma to fill in the blanks of the code and get the desired output.

import__________________________                                                                     #Statement 1 Games=[“Subway Surfer”,”Temple Run”,”Candy Crush”,”Bottle Shot”,”Runner Best”] Rating=[4.2,4.8,5.0,3.8,4.1]

plt.______________(Games,Rating)                                                                  #Statement 2 plt.xlabel(“Games”)

plt.______________(“Rating”)                                                                            #Statement 3 plt._______________                                                                                              #Statement 4

i Choose the right code from the following for statement 1.

i. matplotlib as plt                                          ii. pyplot as plt

iii. matplotlib.pyplot as plt                          iv. matplotlib.plt as pyplot

ii Identify the name of the function that should be used in statement 2 to plot the above graph

i. line()                    ii. bar()                            iii. hist()                        iv. barh()

iii Choose the correct option for the statement 3

i. title(“Rating”)    ii. ytitle(“Rating”)        iii. ylabel(“Rating”)   iv. yaxis(“Rating”)

iv Choose the right function/method from the following for the statement 4.

i. display()              ii. print()                        iii. bar()                         iv. show()

v In case Mr. Sharma wants to change the above plot to the any other shape, which statement, should he change

i. Statement 1        ii. Statement 2               iii. Statement 3           iv. Statement 4

3 A School in Delhi uses database management system to store student details. The school maintains a database ‘school_record’ under which there are two tables


Student Table : Maintains general details about every student enrolled in school. StuLibrary Table : To store details of issued books. BookID is the unique identification number issued to each book. Minimum issue duration of a book is one Day:

i Identify the SQL Query which displays the data of StuLibrary table inascending order of StudentID.

i)                   Select * from StuLibrary Order By BookID

ii)                 Select * from StuLibrary Order By StuID

iii)               Select * from StuLibrary Order By StuID ASC

iv)               Select * from StuLibrary Order By StuID DESC


Choose the correct option:

a. Both Query i) and iv) will display the desired data.

b. Both Query i) and ii) will display the desired data.

c. Both Query iii) and iv) will display the desired data.

d. Both Query ii) and iii) will display the desired data.

ii The Primary Key for StuLibrary Table is/are …….

a.BookID                 b.BookID,StuID                 c.BookID,Issued_date              d.Issued_date

iii Which of the following SQL Query will fetch ID of those issued books whichhave not been returned?

a.       SELECT BookID from StuLibrary where BookID is NULL;

b.      SELECT BookID from StuLibrary where StuID is NULL;

c.       SELECT BookID from StuLibrary where Issued_date is NULL;

d.      SELECT BookID from StuLibrary where Return_date is NULL;

iv The Alternate Key for Student Table will be ……….

a. StuName               b. StuContact                      c. StuAadhar                               d. StuClass

v Which of the following SQL Query will display dates on which number of issued books is greater than 5?

a.SELECT Issued_date from StuLibrary GROUP BY Issued_datewhere COUNT(*)>5; b.SELECT Issued_date from StuLibrary GROUP BY Return_datehaving count(*)>5 c.SELECT Issued_date from StuLibrary GROUP BY Issued_datehaving count(*)>5

d. SELECT Issued_date from StuLibrary GROUP BY Return_datewhere COUNT(*)>5

4 Tejasvi Sethi, a car dealer has stored the details of all cars in her showroom in a table called CARMARKET. The table CARMARKET has attributes CARCODE which is a primary key, CARNAME, COMPANY, COLOR, COST (in lakh rupees) of the car and DOM which is the Date of Manufacture of the car.


Answer any three questions based on the table CARMARKET from the below mentioned questions.





Choose the correct SQL query to do the following (for parts 1 to 4)



i Display the carname along with the charges rounded off to 1 digit after decimal place.


 a. Select carname,round(cost) from carmarket;

b. Select carname,round.cost(1) from carmarket;

c. Select carname,round.cost() from carmarket;

d. Select carname, round(cost,1) from carmarket;

ii Display the carname, color and position of the character ‘E’ in the color of all the cars. a. select carname,color from carmarket where color like “%E%”;

b. select carname,color,instr(color,’E’) from carmarket;

c. select carname,color from carmarket where color = “%E%”;

d. select carname,color,substr(color,1,’E’) from carmarket;

iii Display the carname ,name of the company in lower case of all cars whoseyear (of dom) is 2020.

a. select carname,lcase(company) from carmarket where year(dom) = 2020;

b. select carname,lcase(company) from carmarket where yearof(dom) like’2020%’;

c. select carname,lower(company) from carmarket where dom from’2020-01-01′ to ‘2020- 12-31’;

d. select carname,lower(company) from carmarket where yearfrom(dom) =2020;

iv Display the number of cars manufactured each year.

a. select count(*),year(dom) from carmarket where year(dom) = distinct;

b. select count(*),year(dom) from carmarket group by year(dom);

c. select count(carmarket),year(dom) from carmarket group by year(dom);

d. select count(distinct *),year(dom) from carmarket group by year(dom);

v What is the cardinality and degree of the table CARMARKET?

a. Cardinality = 8 and Degree = 6                  b. Cardinality = 6 and Degree = 7

c. Cardinality = 7 and Degree = 6                  d. Cardinality = 7 and Degree = 8

5 Samarth is the hardware engineer of “Happy School”. He has been given the task of installing a network in the school lab which has around 40 computers.
i Suggest the most suitable type of network topology he should use in order to maximise speed and make each computer indepenent of network breakdowns.

a. Bus Topology                                                   b. Star Topology          

c. Ring Topology                                                 d. Mesh Topology

ii In order to allow data transfer from server to only the intended computers which network device is required in the lab to connect the computers?

a. Switch                                                                 b. Hub

c. Router                                                                 d. Gateway

iii After setting up the lab and internet in the lab, Samarth is now required to enable videos and animations to be played on the web browser for students of multimedia class. Which browser tool /service can be used for the same?

a. Plug ins                                                               b. Add ons

c. Control Panel                                                    d. Download Settings


Section – B

1 IPR stand for :

a. Intelligent Property Right                           b. Intellectual Property Reserve

c. Intellectual Property Right                         d. Intellectual Product Right

2 Abdul deleted all his chats from all his social media accounts and he think that all his traces are deleted completely. Is he right in thinking so?

a. Yes                                                                      b. No

c. May be                                                               d. Not sure

3 The trail that is automatically created when a person uses the internet on any digital device like laptops, smart phones , tablets etc is called

a. Cyber bullying                                                 b. Phishing

c. Digital Footprint                                             d. Digital Activity

4 Internet is an example of _______________topology

a. star                                                                      b. hybrid

c. mesh                                                                   d. tree

5 Central computer which is powerful than other computers in the network is called as

a. Client                                                                   b. Server

c. Hub                                                                      d. Switch

6 A website is a collection of :

a. HTML Document                                             b. graphics file

c. audio & video files                                           d. All of these

7 The …………….. clause of SELECT query allows us to select only those rows in the result that satisfy a specified condition

a. Where                                                                  b. from

c. having                                                                  c. like

8 What will be returned by the given query:


a. 2                                                                             b. 3

c. -2                                                                            d. -3

9 Which of the following group function ignore NULL values

a. MAX                                                                       b. COUNT

c. SUM                                                                       d. All of these

10 Which of the following is not an aggregate function:

a. AVG                                                                        b. SUM

c. WITH                                                                     d. MIN

11 Ritika is new learner for the python pandas and she is aware of some concepts of python. She has created some list, but is unable to create the dataframe from the same . Help her by identifying the statement which will create the dataframe

import pandas as pd




a. df=pd.DataFrame({“Name”:Name, “Phy”:Phy, “Chem”:Chem})

b. d=(“Name”:Name, “Phy”:Phy, “Chem”:Chem)


c. df=pd.DataFrame([Name, Phy, Chem], columns=[“Name”,”Phy”,”Chem”,”Total”])

d. df=pd.DataFrame({Name:”Name”, Phy:”Phy”, Chem:”Chem”})

12 What type of error is returned by the following statement ?

import pandas as pa

pa.Series([1,2,3,4], index=[‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’])

a. Value Error                                                             b. Syntax Error

c. Name Error                                                            d. Logical Error

13 Data Frame can be created from

a. lists                                                                            b. dictionaries

c. series                                                                         d. All of these

14 Consider a following dataframe

import pandas as pd



Which statement will be used to get the output as 2?

a. print(df.index)                                                         b. print(df.shape())

c. print(df.ndim)                                                          d. print(df.values)



Section – C

Very Short answer type questions

1 Write commands to print following details of a series object seal :

i) if the series is empty

ii) Indexes of the series

2 Why does following code cause error ?

S1=pd.Series(range(1,15,3) , index=list(‘abcd’))

3 Why does the following code cause error ?

S1= pd.Series(range(1,15,3),index=list(‘ababa’))


4 Hitesh wants to display the last four rows of the DataFrame df and has written the following code:

df.tail( )

but last 5 rows are being displayed. Identify the error and rewrite the correct code so that last 4 rows get displayed.

5 In SQL write the Query to display the list of tables stored in a database. 1
6 Sanjana want to display current time on her SQL window suggest her a command to display the current time. 1
7 What will be the output of the following code?


8 What will be the output of the following code:


9 Identify the type of topology from the following :

i) Each node is connected with the help of single cable

ii) Each node is connected with central switching through independent cables

10 For web page where the information is changed frequently, for example stock, weather information which out of the following options would you advise.

Static Web page or Dynamic Web page


Section – D

Short answer type questions

1 Consider two object x and y. x is a list whereas y is series. Both have value 20,40,90,110.

What will be the output of the following two statement considering that the above object have been created already?

i) print ( x*2)                       ii) print (y*2)

justify your answer.

2 What will be the output produced by following code?

import pandas as pd

Stationery=[‘pencil’, ‘notebook’, ‘scales’, erasers’]

S1=pd.Series([20,33,52,10], index=Stationery)

S2=pd.Series([17,13,31,32], index=Stationery)




3 Marks is a list that stores marks of a student in 10 units tests. Write a program to plot the student’s performance in these 10 unit tests 2
4 Consider the following graph. Write the code to plot it


5 Draw the following bar graph representing the number of students in each class.


6 Differentiate between CHAR and VARCHAR datatype 2
7 Predict the output of the following queries:

Select Power(5,3);

Select MOD(5,3);

8 Amit don’t know the purpose of the following SQL function. Explain him about them:

Powe( ) and mod( )

9 Help Reshma in Predicting  the Output of the following queries:

i) Select round(8.72,3);

ii) Select round (9.8);

10 What is Network ? Why is it needed ? Mention two advantages of Networking 2

Section – E

Long answer type questions

1 Write a program in python pandas to create the following DataFrame batsman from a Dictionary:

B_NO Name Score1 Score2
1 Sunil Pillai 90 80
2 Gaurav Sharma 65 45
3 Piyush Goel 70 90
4 Kartik Thakur 80 76

Perform the following operation on the DataFrame:

i) Display the Dataframe.

ii) Add both the scores of a batsman and assign to column “Total”

iii) Display the highest score in both Score1 and Score2 of the DataFrame.

2 Consider the following table named “Product”, showing details of product being sold in a grocery shop:

PCode PName UPrice Manufacturer
P01 Washing Machine 120 Surf
P02 Toothpaste 54 Colgate
P03 Soap 25 Lux
P04 Toothpaste 65 Pepsodant
P05 Soap 38 Dove
P06 Shampoo 245 Dove

Write SQL queries for the following :

i) Create the table product with appropriate data types and constraints

ii) identify the primary key in product

iii) list  the product code, product name. if PName is the same then display the data in ascending order of Price

iv) Add new column discount to the table product

v) Calculate the value of the discount in the table product as 10 percent of the UPrice for all those product where the UPrice is more than 100, otherwise the discount will be 0.

3 Satyam, a database analyst has created the following table:

Table : Student

RedNo SName Stream Optional Marks
S1001 Sunaina Science CS 99
S1002 Sajid Commerce IP 95
S1003 Manmeet Humanities IP 100
S1004 Nida Commerce IP 98
S1005 Talha Humanities IP 82
S1006 Prayansh Science CS NULL
S1007 Muskan Science CS 95
S1008 Navdeep Scienec CS 96

He has written following queries:

a) Select sum(MARKS) from student where Optional=’IP’and Stream=’Commerce’;

b) Select max(MARKS) + min(MARKS) from student where OPTIONAL= ‘CS’;

c) Select avg(MARKS) from student where OPTIONAL = ‘IP’;

d) Select length (SNAME) from student where MARKS is NULL;

help him in predicting the output of the above given queries.

4 What do you mean by network topology? What are the most popular topologies 3
5 Write the different between the following :

i) Copyright and Patent

ii) Plagiarism and Copyright infringement

iii) Non-Ethical hacking and Ethical Hacking

iv) Active and Passive footprint

v) free software and free and open source software


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