Class 11 IP Half Yearly Sample Paper

TIME : 3 HOURS                                          

CLASS XI                                                           


General instructions :

1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Marks are indicated against each question.

3. Question paper consist four sections A, B, C & D.

4. Section A consist of 14 MCQs and 6 Fill in blanks one mark each

5. Section B consist of 10 very short answer type question one mark each

6. Section C consist of 10 short answer type question two mark each

7. Section D consist of 10 Long answer type question three mark each


Section A

Multiple Choice Questions

1 SQL stand for :

a. Structured Query Language                    b. Standard Query Language

c. Software Query Language                       d. System Query Language

2 What is the output of the following code:




a. 102                                                                  b. 102.0

c. Error                                                               d. None of these

3 There are ______ types of error

a. 2                                                                       b. 4

c. 3                                                                       d. 1

4 Vanshi want to perform division on two numbers but he don’t know the correct operator for this operation, what is the correct operator for division:

a. “/ ”                                                                   b. “ \ ”

c. div                                                                    d. “ ÷”

5 What is DBMS

a. An Application Software                           b. A Hardware

c. System                                                            d. none of these

6 Which is not a type of memory

a. Primary Memory                                          b. Cache

c. Secondary Memory                                      d. C-MOS

7 Which is not a browser

a. Google Chrome                                              b. Edge

c. Mozila                                                               d. Avast

8 Which is not a Search Engine:

a. Google                                                               b. Bing

c. Duck Duck Go                                                 d. K7

9 Programming Language is Case Sensitive

a. True                                                                   b. False

c. May be                                                               d. Not sure

10 ! means :

a. Equal                                                                    b. Not

c. Concate                                                               d. None of these

11 Operator are work on values called :

a. Data value                                                           b. OP value

c. Operands                                                             d. buffer

12 Which of the following function convert the data type from other to integer

a. int( )                                                                      b. float( )

c. chr( )                                                                     d. str( )

13 Operating system with touch based interface:

a. Android                                                                b. iOS

c. Both a & b                                                            d. None of these

14 Which of the following device is used to make hard copy of a document file:

a. Printer                                                                   b. Scanner

c. Digitizer                                                                 d. All of these

Fill in the Blanks
15 ________________ is the _____________ of memory location 1
16 Python was developed by _________________________. In the year _________ 1
17 We can define a function with the help of ________ keyword 1
18 Data Type define ____________ &____________ of data. 1
19 Keywords are the _________________ 1
20 ______________ is an example of Operating System. 1

Section – B

Short Answer Type Questions

1 Mr Sharma doesn’t know that how to run a program in python, instruct him that how he could run a program in python 1
2 Mr Rohit wants to know that what could be the identity of a function, help him so that he could easily find out any function 1
3 Mr Ram wants to understand the difference between  all four type of data types, Explain him, what is data type and type of data types with suitable examples of each datatype. 1
4 Ms Riya wants to create an array but she forgets that how to import numpy in her program, help her to import numpy in her code 1
5 Ms Maryam is confused that what is python, some friends told her that Python is a Snake, some friends told her python was a circus, and another friend told her that python is a programming language. And all friends are right. Help her and explain the whole story that how all her friends are saying right 1
6 Mr Ram wants to understand about hardware, explain him that what is hardware with the help of examples. 1
7 Write any 10 keywords of python 1
8 Write name of any 5 predefine functions 1
9 What is debugging? 1
10 What is the smallest unit of memory? 1

Section – C

Short Answer Type Questions

1 Ms Sangeeta wants to print numbers from 1 to 10 but when she is running her program, it gives all number in next line, now she wants to print number in single line help her and write a program to print numbers from 1 to 10 horizontally. 2
2 What is Computer? 2
3 Mr Sajid Doesn’t know the difference between Interpreter and Compiler Explain him the difference between Interpreter and Compiler 2
4 Write a program to enter three numbers from user and find greater. 2
5 Predict the output of the following code:





6 Circle the errors in the following code:




Print (B1);

print(“Smart Indian Model School”)

7 Explain Input and Output Devices of computer with example. 2
8 Ms Uruz takes admission in Smart Indian Model School and has choosen PE as 5th Optional subject and Ms prerna has choosen IP as 5th Optional subject. Now they both want to change their subject. write a program to swap the value, if the variable one (uruz) value is “PE” and variable two (prerna) value is “IP” 2
9 Write a program to enter a number from user and check whether it’s Positive, Negative or Zero. 2
10 Ms Sunaina wants to swap value of two variable a and b, write a program to swap two numbers 2

Section – D

Long Answer Type Questions

1 Ms Ritu wants to print a table of a number entered by the user, help her and write a program to enter a number from user and print it’s table. 3
2 Ms Riya want to make a variable and she writes “1B” however when she runs the code, it gives an error, Help her to remove this error and informed her all five rules of naming a variable. 3
3 Mr Abhishek wants to generate a mark sheet of a student with the help of python, he wants to create a software that takes student’s name, and five subject’s marks and give an output that print Student’s name, Five Subject’s marks, percentage, and total. Help him to write a code that achieve such tasks 3
4 Ms Sanam has written a program to add two numbers but when she ran the code it gives concatenation of two numbers instead of addition, help her and write a program to perform addition and other arithmetic operations 3
5 Ms Jyoti writing a program in python about the checking of the given number is even or odd but she forgets the condition of “if” statement, help her and write a program that takes a number from user and check whether it’s even or odd 3
6 Explain to Ms Pratiksha, what is error and types of errors? Differentiate all type of error. 3
7 When Ms a student of class 11th  opens IP book she saw many types of symbol like +, >, =, /, % etc on page no 39. What are these symbols, explain her about operators and type of operators. 3
8 A coder wrote a code in python to print her name 10 times on screen. The code is :


while a<=10:

print(“My Name”)

but when She runs the program it prints her name infinite times help her to remove this error and correct her mistake.

9 Ms Poonam wants to understand about the software, explain her that what is software, what are the types of software and example of all types of software. 3
10 Mr Ankit wants to print these pattern on screen suggest a code which will print these patterns: (one mark each)

*                               A                                     4

**                             AB                                  43

***                           ABC                                432

****                         ABCD                             4321


*** Best of Luck ***


Prepared By:

Syed Haider Ali (PGT)


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