Informatics Practices 065 Periodic Test Paper Class 12 2022-23

Time: 90 Minutes/MM:40

General Instruction:

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • All questions carry equal marks.


A) Multiple Choice Questions. (10 × 1 =10)

1. What is Keywords ?

A) Block of Code

B) Pre-reserved words

C) Type or Size of Data

D) None of them


2. The SQL built- in function________obtained the largest valuein numeric column

A) MIN                

B) MAX                                               

C) MAXIMUM                  



3. Pandas is an open source __________ Library

A) Ruby

B) JavaScript


D) Python


4. Which of the following is not a network topology:

A) Gateway

B) Star

C) Mesh

D) Tree


5. Which amongst the following is not an example of browser

A) Chrome

B) Firefox

C) Avast

D) Edge


6. Which of the following belongs to an “aggregate function”




D) All of the mentioned


7. Write the output of the following SQL command Select round (458.46,1)

A) 458

B) 458.5                             

C) 459                                 

D) 458.6


8. We can analyze the data in pandas with :

A) Series

B) DataFrame

C) Both

D) None of them


9. Bluetooth is an example of __________






10. Which is not a Library of Python

A) NumPy

B) Matplotlib

C) Pandas 

D) None of these


B) Very Short answer Type Question. (10 × 1 =10)

11. Who develop the Python and in which year?

12. What is the Full Form of OOPs, URL, WWW, VoIP?

13. What is FOSS

14. Write any five string function of MySQL with Example.

15. Write any five Date function of MySQL with Example.

16. Write any three Aggregate Function of MySQL with Example.

17. Write any three Math Function of MySQL with Example.

18. What is Order by and Group by?

19. How can we install Pandas and NumPy in our System?

20. How can we import Pandas & numpy in our Program?


C) Short answer Type Question. (5 × 2 =10)

21. What is the different between Series and DataFrame write any four?

22. Write a Program to Create a Series with scalar value, dictionary and list and print it.

23. Write a Program to achieve sum, sub, mul, div of two series with output.(without NaN)

24. Write a Program to Create two Series with List and perform all four Mathematical Operations

25. Explain Head, Tail and Count Function with the help of an example for each.


D) Long answer Type Question. (Attempt any five) (5 × 2 =10)

26. Create a MySQL table name ST1(with Adm_No, Name, Class, Subject, Marks attributes) and perform all five aggregate function on Marks Attribute.

27. Perform eight string function on Name attribute of previous table ST1.

28. Write a program to make a list on name of ten students and convert the list into Series and print it.

29. What is LAN, MAN, WAN and Explain Network Topologies with diagram.

30. Explain indexing and Slicing with the help of Example.

31. Explain any Topic from Syllabus of IP that you explain perfectly in minimum 150 words.


Contributed By- Syed Haider Ali (PGT)


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