Important Questions Getting Started with Python Class 11 Computer Science

Very Short answer Type Questions


Q.1 When was Python released?

Ans- Python was released in February 1991.


Q.2 Who developed Python?

Ans- Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum.


Q.3 Which two languages contributed to Python as a Programming Language?

Ans- ABC language and Modula 3.


Q.4 Is Python an Object Oriented Language?

Ans- Yes, Python is an object oriented language.


Q.5 Python got its name from which show?

Ans- Python got its name from famous BBC comedy show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.


Short Answer Type Questions


Q.1 Python is an interpreted language‟. What does it mean to you?

Ans- It means that the Python installation interprets and executes the code line by line at a time.


Q.2 What does a cross platform language mean?

Ans- it means a language can run equally on variety of platforms-Windows, Linux/UNIX, Macintosh, Supercomputers, Smart phones etc.


Q.3 Python is a Free and Open Source language. What do you understand by this feature?

Ans- It means Python is freely available without any cost. Its source code is also available. One can modify, improve/extend an open source software.


Q.4 In how many ways, can you work in Python?

Ans-In two ways we can work in Python-

i) Interactive mode

ii) Script Mode


Q.5 What is the difference between Interactive mode and Script Mode in Python?

Ans- In interactive mode, one command can run at a time and commands are not saved. Whereas in Script mode, we can save all the commands in the form of a program file and can see output of all lines together.


Q.6 What are the advantages of Python?

Ans- Advantages-

i) Easy to use OO Language.

ii) Expressive Language.

iii) Interpreted Language.

iv) It is complete.

v) Cross-Platform Language.

vi) Free and Open Source

vii) Variety of Usage/ Applications


Q.7 What are the limitations of Python?

Ans- limitations-

i) Not the fastest language.

ii) Lesser Libraries than C, Java, Perl.

iii) Not strong on Type Binding.

iv) Not easily convertible.

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