Computer Networks Quiz For Class 12

Here’s a 15-question quiz based on the topics “Evolution of networking: introduction to computer networks, evolution of networking (ARPANET, NSFNET, INTERNET) and Data communication terminologies: concept of communication, components of data communication (sender, receiver, message, communication media, protocols), measuring capacity of communication media (bandwidth, data transfer rate), IP address, switching techniques (Circuit switching, Packet switching)”

1. What does ARPANET stand for in the context of networking?


2. Which organization played a key role in the development of ARPANET?


3. What was the primary motivation behind the creation of ARPANET?


4. The NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) was a key component in the evolution of the internet. What was its primary purpose?


5. What major development marked the transition from ARPANET to the modern Internet?


6. Define the concept of communication in the context of data communication.


7. What are the main components of data communication?


8. In data communication, what is a protocol?


9. What is the purpose of measuring the capacity of communication media in terms of bandwidth?


10. What is the relationship between bandwidth and data transfer rate?


11. What is an IP address used for in computer networks?


12. Explain the concept of packet switching in networking.


13. What is the fundamental difference between circuit switching and packet switching?


14. How is bandwidth related to the capacity of a communication channel?


15. In the context of networking, what is the role of a router?


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