Topics- Familiarization with the basics of Python programming: Introduction to Python, Features of Python, executing a simple “hello world” program, execution modes: interactive mode and script mode, Python character set, Python tokens( keyword, identifier, literal, operator, punctuator), variables, concept of l-value and r-value, use of comments

1. Python is a:


2. Which of the following is a feature of Python?


3. How do you execute a “Hello World” program in Python?


4. What are the two execution modes in Python?


5. The Python character set is based on:


6. Which of the following is a Python keyword?


7. What is an identifier in Python?


8. Which of the following is a Python literal?


9. What is the purpose of an operator in Python?


10. What is a punctuator in Python?


11. What is the concept of l-value and r-value in Python?


12. How do you define a comment in Python?


13. What is the purpose of variables in Python?


14. What is the use of an l-value in Python?


15. Which of the following is true about Python comments?


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