Class 11 Computer Science Sample Paper Term 1 Set-1

Half Yearly Examination


Time: 1.30 hour/M.M.-35

Sub- Computer Science (083)

Note: There are 40 questions given below. Attempt any 35 questions. Each question carries one mark.


1. What is information?

a) Processed Data

b) Collection of a Program

c) Raw Data

d) Collection of Instructions


2. Full form of IPO

a) Input Process Output

b) Input Print Output

c) Internet Print Output

d) Internet process Output


3. When we work on any document on PC, it is stored temporarily in______ memory.

a) RAM

b) ROM

c) CPU



4. Smallest measurement unit of computer memory is?

a) Megabyte

b) Bit

c) Byte

d) Nibble


5. Full form of USB

a) Uniform Service Bus

b) Universal Serial Bus

c) Universal Sector Buffer

d) Universe Service Bus


6. Which of the following is designed to control the operations of a computer?

a) Application Software 

b) System Software

c) Utility Software

d) User


7. What do you call a program in execution?

a) Command

b) Process

c) Task

d) Instruction


8. Which of the following is a single-user operating system?

a) Windows

b) MAC

c) Ms-Dos

d) None of these


9. What is Microsoft window?

a) Operating system

b) Graphics program

c) Word Processing

d) Database program


10. Which of the following is system software?

a) Operating system

b) Compiler

c) Utilities

d) All the above


11. What is the output of this expression, 3*1**3?

a) 27

b) 9

c) 3

d)  1


12. F = [ 4, 8, 9, 2.6, 5 ] is a type of which data type in python?

a) List

b) Tuple

c) Set

d) None of these


13. The expression of a NAND gate is_______

a) B

b) A’B+AB’

c) (A.B)’

d) (A+B)’


14. The symbol + in Boolean is also known as the ____________ operator.

a) AND

b) OR


d) NOR


15. Boolean algebra is define as a set of ______________

a) One value

b) Two value

c) Three value

d) Four value


16. Name the number system which uses alphabets as well as numerical.

a) Binary number system

b) octal number system

c) Decimal number system

d) Hexadecimal number system


17. Which one of the following is a valid Python if statement :

a) if a>=2 :

b) if (a >= 2)

c) if (a => 22)

d) if a >= 22


18. Which of following is not a decision-making statement?

a) if-elif statement

b) for statement

c) if -else statement

d) if statement 


19. Predict the output of the following code:


if x>2 or x<5 and x==6:



print(“no output”)

a) ok

b) okok 

c) no output

d) none of above


20. Predict the output of the following code:


if(x+y= =10):




a) true          

b) false                      

c) no output                 

d) none


21. Which of the following is an invalid identifier in Python

a) H_e_wel_123

b) Assert             

c)  _ 

d) in


22. Which of the following is an invalid keyword in Python

a) eval

b) Assert

c) nonlocal

d) import


23. Which of the following is invalid statement in Python

a) _hello_=25

b) __he_123=25

c) _m=25

d) None of the mentioned


24. Evaluate the following expression : 3+4*2%8+12//6-2%9**2**1

a) 11

b) 3

c) 17

d) 1


25. Which of the following is a valid membership operator in Python

a) and

b) or

c) in

d) like


26. Write the output of the following code segment :

for i in range(-1,-6,-5):


a) 1

b) 1 2

c) Error

d) Infinite loop


27. Give output:

for a in range(1,5):

print(“a”, end=” “)

a) 1 2 3 4

b) 1 2 3 4 5

c) a a a a

d) a a a a a


28. Give output:

for i in range(2,7,2):

print(i * ‘2’)

a) 222222222222

b) 2222222222

c) 22222222222222

d) 2222222222222222


29. Give output:

print(“My” *3 + “life” +’7′)

a) MyMyMylifelifelifelifelife

b) MyMyMylifelifelifelifelifelifelife

c) MyMyMyMyMyMyMylifelifelife

d) MyMyMylife7


30. Give output:

print(“Super”+’Dad’ * 2)

a) SuperDad2

b) SuperSuperDad

c) SuperDadDad

d) Error


31. Give output:


a) Maha

b) Mah

c) atma



32. Identify the gate:


a) AND


c) XOR



33. Identify the gate:


a) OR

b) NOR

c) XOR



34. Identify the result generated :







35. Identify the value of F3:


a) x y x + x’ + y’ + z’

b) xy’ + x’z’

c) x’y’ + x’z’

d)  xy’ + x’z


36. Which of the following number system is known as base-10 system?

a) Binary Number System

b) Hexadecimal Number System

c) Octal Number System

d) Decimal Number System


37. Which of the following is not an example/s of binary numbers?

a) 010101

b) 11100.01

c) 111001

d) None of the above


38. Which of the following is not an example of Hexadecimal number?

a) 1C2

b) 67GA

c) 1

d) None


39. bit binary code for binary number 15 is ___________

a) 1110

b) 1111

c) 1100

d) 1101


40. Octal equivalent of decimal number 1128 is __________

a) 1250

b) 2150  

c) 2110


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