(Update 2021) CBSE Sample Paper for class XII Economics

Half Yearly Examination


Time: 3:00 hour/ M.M.-80

Sub- Economics

All questions are compulsory.

(1 mark questions)

1- Which is not a characteristic of services?

i) Intangibility

ii) Variability

iii) inseparability

iv) imperishability

2- The difference between value of output and value added is…..

i) depreciation

ii) intermediate consume

iii) Net indirect tax

iv) NFIA

3- If GNPmp= 15000 and depreciation=1000 then find NNPmp?

i) 10000

ii) 16000

iii) 15000

iv) 14000

4- Monetary system of India is managed, control and regulated by-

i) Bank of India

ii) RBI

iii) Ministry of finance

iv) Banks

5- Aggregate supply=consumption +__________

i) Supply

ii) investment

iii) Saving

iv) Expenditure

6- Loans granted to state govt is an example of______.

i) revenue receipts

ii) capital receipts

iii) revenue expenditure

iv) capital expenditure

7- Which is not a feature of Balance of payments account?

i) It includes economic transaction

ii) It has given period of time.

iii) It records only capital transaction.

iv) Trade between resident of the country and rest of the world.

8- In which year railways was introduced in India?

i) 1850

ii) 1853

iii) 1890

iv) 1892

9- The introduction of expensive mode of communication, i.e telegraphs serve the purpose of-

i) maintaining law and order

ii) maintaining trade

iii) collect taxes

iv) all of the above

10- Fiscal deficit equals-

i) interest payment

ii) borrowings

iii) interest payments less borrowing

iv) borrowing less interest

11- What do you understand by subsistence farming?

12- When will the balance of trade show a deficit?

13- What is floating exchange rate?

14- Define tax?

15- What is deflationary gap?

16- Define marginal propensity to save.

17- What do you mean by overdraft facility?

18- Why is paper money becoming more popular these days?

19- Define the concept of value added.

20- When is GDP of an economy equal to GNP?

(3 marks questions)

21- Why does consumption curve not start from the origin?

22- If the value of APC is 1.5, what will be the value of average propensity to save?

23- Explain the situation of deficient demand in an economy with the help of diagram.

24- Tax rates on higher income groups have been increased. Which economic value does it reflect? Explain.

(4 marks question)

25- A govt. budget shows a primary deficit of 6,500 crore. The revenue expenditure on interest payment is 400 crore. How much is the fiscal deficit?

26- How depreciation is different from devaluation?

27- Explain the difference between autonomous and accommodating balance of payment transactions?

28- Define money supply and explain its components.

29- Who prints and circulates currency in India?

30- What is the difference between depreciation and depreciation reserve fund?

(6 marks questions)

31- Explain investment multiplier.

32- What was the condition of agricultural sector at the time of independence?

33- Explain the types of Exchange rate system.

34- Complete the following table.

Income Savings APC APS
0 -40
50 -20
100 0 0.6
150 30 0.8
200 50


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