CBSE Sample Paper Class 6 Social Science SA-1


Time: 3 hour


All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick the correct option( 1 x 5=5)

i) In the Paleolithic period ,people were

a) hunter-gatherers

b) potters

c) farmers

d) fishermen

ii) Literary sources include

a) books

b) manuscript

c) biographies

d) all of them

iii) The Neolithic humans were associated with the custom of

a) burying the dead

b) both burying and burning

c) burning the dead

d) none of these

iv) The Indus valley script was based on

a) symbols

b) signs

c) inscription

d) both a & c

v) The ____is the Veda that has hymns

a) Rig Veda

b) Sama Veda

c)  Yajur Veda

d) Atharva Veda

vi) The path of a planet around the Sun is called

a) line

b) orbit

c) circle

d) Milky Way

vii) The network of criss-cross lines is called

a) parallel

b) grid

c) longitude

d) hemisphere

viii) State formed on the basis of language are called

a) artistic

b) linguistic

c) cultural

d) diverse

ix) The government of Delhi would look after

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Delhi

c) neighboring areas

d) entire country

x) In our country, a government is formed for a period of

a) 4 years

b) 6 years

c) 5 years

d) 7 years

2- Write T for true and F for false. (5 x 1 = 5)

i) India has a monarchical form of government.

ii) India was a democracy even during British rule.

iii) Discrimination and in a quality exist only in India.

iv) The constitution treats everyone equally.

v) The Great Granary was a store house of grains.

vi) The Lothar dock was located in present day Pakistan.

vii) Mesolithic period came from palaeolithic.

viii) Domestication of animals began in the Palaeolithic age.

ix) Literary sources are difficult to preserve over time.

x) History tells us only about the king who ruled in the past.

3- Fill in the blanks. (5 x 1= 5)

i) History is the study of the____________.

ii) Stone tools were of three types, namely__________.

iii) _____refers to appreciating the differences among people.

iv) A government is formed through________.

v) __________is also known as the morning star.

vi) The Earth rotates on its___________

vii) The Earth tilts on its_________

viii) ___________maps show the countries of the world.

ix) The Vedas were the sacred literature of the___________.

x) The ___________wheel was used to make pots.

4- Distinguish between any two of the following terms. ( 5 x 2 = 10)

i) Stars and Planets

ii) Day and Night

iii) Rotation and Revolution

5- Answer any eight of the following questions. (8 x 2 = 16)

i) Name the three organs of the government.

ii) Name two languages used for writing inscription.

iii) How did early human preserve their food?

iv) How did Abraham Lincoln define democracy?

v) How many levels of government are there?

vi) When are days and nights equal?

vii) What do you understand by diversity?

viii) State any two developments during the Neolithic period.

ix) What did the children do in the Gurukula

x) Name two epics belonging to the Vedic period?

6- Answer any four of the following questions in detail. Any four.( 4 x 4 = 16)

i) Give examples of two types of literary work.

ii) Explain the stages in to which men’s life was divided.

iii) Why the Earth is called unique planet?

iv) What are the functions of government?

v) List some objects excavated by the archaeologists to study the past.

7- With the help of diagram explain the cycle of seasons. 8

8- Mapmakers use symbols on a map. Draw any five symbols. 8

9- Show the neighboring countries of India in map. 5

i) Nepal

ii) Pakistan

iii) china

iv) Bangla Desh

v) Bay of Bangal

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