CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 4 Science SA-2

Annual Examination


Subject- Science

Time: 2:30 hours/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple Choice Questions.(10)

i) Which one of these is an example of insectivorous plants?

a) Venus flytrap

b) hydrilla

c) duckweed

ii) The body most of the mammals is covered with

a) scales

b) hair

c) none of these

iii) In the egg, the baby bird gets it food from

a) albumen

b) yolk

c) none of these

iv) The chameleon change the colour of its:

a) skin

b) eyes

c) face

v) Animals that live in or on the body of other animal for their food are called:

a) parasite

b) carnivores

c) omnivore

vi) The germs can be removed from water by

a) filtration

b) Decantation

c) boiling

vii) Frost is formed when it is-

a) very hot

b) windy

c) very cold

viii) Which is the outer surface of our earth

a) crust

b) mantle

c) core

ix) The axis of earth is tilted at an angle of

a) 5

b) 45.6

c) 69.8

x) A spoon opening the lid of a tin is an example of

a) lever

b) pulley

c) screws

2- Fill in the blanks.(10)

i) The force that pulls down any object towards the earth is called____________.

ii) ________make our work easy.

iii) Saturn has ________rings around its middle.

iv) The ________is another imaginary line around the earth.

v) ________is pure but when it reaches the ground, it becomes muddy and dirty.

vi) During the day, the land gets________ up by the________ of the sun.

vii) The ________is adapted to live in the snow covered Polar Regions.

viii) Some of the ________animals are fish, crabs, turtles, etc.

ix) Some animals like________ have already been extinct.

x) A tadpole breathes through its________.

3- State true or false.(10)

i) A zebra is a carnivore.

ii) Zebra, tiger, leopard are camouflage animals.

iii) The word terrestrial means living in water.

iv) In plains, trees have lots of branches.

v) Desert plants have many leaves.

vi) Coconut plant can survive in salty water.

vii) We can see fog in summer.

viii) The decanted water is absolutely pure water.

ix) We should always keep the water covered.

x) The sun causes changes in weather.

4- Write one word for the following. (5)

i) A plant that grows under water.

ii) A type of grass that was used to make paper.

iii) I am the young of butterfly.

iv) I do not care for the eggs I lay.

v) The molten rock deep down inside the earth.

5- Match the following.(5)

i) A larva of a house fly                       Nymph

ii) A larva of a butterfly                      Caterpillar

iii) A young one of a frog                    Maggot

iv) The young one of a cockroach    Moulting

v) Shedding of old skin by animal   Tadpole

6- Answer the following questions. (Do any 8)(24)

i) What are terrestrial plants? Give 2 examples.

ii) How are animals grouped according to the food they eat?

iii) Define weather.

iv) What is evaporation?

v) What is condensation?

vi) What are inner planets?

vii) What are volcanoes?

viii) What do you mean by force? What are its uses?

ix) What is energy? Name different sources of energy.

x) Name the mammals which do not hair on their body.

7- Answer any two of the following questions with the help of diagram. (16)

i) Describe the various stages in the life cycle of butterfly.

ii) What is water cycle?

iii) How are seasons caused?

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