CBSE Class 8 Social Science Sample Paper Annual Examination

Time: 3 hour

Sub- S. St


All questions are compulsory.

1- Multiple choice questions – (4)

i) Jalianwala Bagh is situated in _______

a) Amritsar

b) Jalandhar

c) Chandigarh

d) Bhatinda

ii) _______ is the second most popular country in the world.

a) Japan


c) Sweden

d) India

iii) The absence of state religion is called_______.

a) Socialism

b) federalism

c) Secularism

d) liberty

iv) The iron man of Indian was_______.

a) Jawarlal lal nehru

b) Motilal Nehru

c) Sardar vallabh bhai Patel

d) Mahtma Gandhi

2- Write T for true and F for false statement.(4)

i) Punjab was divided into two states Punjab and Haryana.

ii) The name silicon valley was first used by Don Hoefler.

iii) India has an unfavourable sex ratio.

iv) The British shifted their capital from Calcutta to Mumbai.

3- Fill in the Blanks – (4)

i) The land revenue policy led to the povery of ________.

ii) India is the _______ most populated country in the world.

iii) The most important cause of drought is scarcity of ______.

iv) The constituent assembly was chaired by ______.


4- Answer any 10 questions from following in short.(30)

i) Why did Rabindra Nath Tagore return his knighthood to the government?

ii) What are millets? Why are they called dry crops?

iii) Why Ahmadabad is called the Manchester of India?

iv) What is the importance of winters in a care?

v) The partition of Bengal was Conversial step explain this.

vi) How are earthquakes caused?

vii) What are the responsibilities of the government?

viii) Name two features of Ryotwari system.

ix) Explain the term urbanization.

x) What are the two fold objectives of the fundamental right?

xi) Why were the tea plantations not beneficial for the tribal people?

5-  Briefly answer any five question from the following.(5)

i) Explain why is the constitution of India called a living document?

ii) What were the principles of the Panschsheel Agreement?

iii) How can we cope with Cyclones?

iv) Discuss the important of Satyagrah in the national movement.

v) What is India’s biggest advantage in the IT industry?

vi) How did Calcutta develop into important town?

6- Distinguish between the following- (8)

i) Fire related disaster and nuclear disaster.

ii) Agro based and mineral based industries.

7- Mention the following area in Map of India.(5)

i) Two area having literary between 71-80%.

ii) Thar Desert

iii) Major tea plantation state

iv) High density state

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