CBSE Class 11 Computer Science (083) Sample Paper

General Instructions:

1- This question paper contains two parts A and B. Each part is compulsory.

2- Part-A has 2 sections:

a) Section – I is short answer questions, to be answered in one word or one line.

b) Section – II has two case studies questions. Each case study has 4 case-based subparts.

3- Part – B is Deseriptive Paper and has three sections.

a) Section-I is short answer questions of 2 marks each.

b) Section-II is long answer questions of 3 marks each.

c) Section-III is very long answer questions of 5 marks each.



(Section I)


1- Which of the following is not a valid variable name in Python ? Justify reason for it not being a valid name.

i) 5 Radius

ii) Radius_

iii) _Radius

iv) Radius

2- Which of the following are keywords in Python ?

i) break

ii) check

iii) range

iv) while

3- Name the Python Library modules which need to be imported to invoke the following functions:

i) sqrt()

ii) randint()

4- Write the names of the immutable data objects from the following:

i) List

ii) Tuple

iii) String

iv) Dictionary

5- Write a Python statement to declare a Dictionary named Class Roll with Keys as 1,2,3 and corresponding values as ‘Reena’, ‘Rakesh’, ‘Zareen’ respectively.

6- Which of the options out of i) to iv) is the correct data type for the variable String as defined in the following Python statement ?

String (‘H’, E’, ‘L’, ‘L’, ‘0’)

i) List

ii) Dictionary

iii) Tuple

iv) Array

7- Write the output of the following Python code:

for I in range(1,7,2):

print( 1 * ‘#’ )

8- The small memory providing units inside the CPU are called the……..

9- Write the output of the code:

x=20,y + x
print (x,y)


10- Write the output of the code:

while x<50:


11- Convert (654.5)8 → ()10

12- ………………….Are the programs that deliver unwanted ads to your computer.

13- When you shop you always check the security of the Website before you enter personal and credit card information. Comment.

14- To avoid the tracking by website and storing of cookies, the private browsing opens a website in……. Mode.

15- Write 2 advantages of blockchain technology ?



Both the Case study based questions are compulsory. Each question carries 1 mark


16- Posing as someone else online and using his/her personal/financial information shopping online or posting something is a common type of cyber crime these days.

i) What are such types of cyber crime collectively called ?

ii) What measures can you take to stop these ?

iii) As a citizen of India. What advise you should give to others for e-waste disposal?

iv) It is an internet service for sending written messages electronically from one computer to another. Write the service name.

17- The record of a student (Name, Roll No., Marks in five subjects and percentage of marks) is stored in the following list:

stRecord= [ Raman’, “A-36′,[56,98,99,72,69],78.8]

Write Python statements to retrieve the following information from the list stRecord.

i) Percentage of the student

ii) Maximum marks of the student

iii) Marks in the fifth subject

iv) Change the name of the student from ‘Raman’ to ‘Raghav’



18- Rewrite the following code in python after removing all syntax error(s), Underline 2 each corrections done in the code.

250 = Number
WHILE Number 1000:
    If Number>750: print Number
    Number =Number+100
        print Number * 2
        Number = + 50


19- Observe the following Python code and find out, which out of the given optionsi) to iv) are the expected correct output(s).Also assign the maximum and minimum value that can be assigned to the variable “T”.

import random
x= [100,75,10,125]
T= random.randint(0,3)
for i in range(T):
    print (X[i],"$$",end=" ")

i) 100$$75$$

ii) 75$$10$S125$$

iii) 75$$10$$

iv) 10$$125$$100

20- Convert the following :

i) (7FD0)16 → ()2→ ()8

21- Write the following code using for loop to while loop :-

for i in range(10,50,2):
    if i % 2==0:
        print (i)


22- How will you write following expression in Python.

i) (A +B+ C)5 /4AC

ii)√(a2 + b2 + c2)

23- The following is a message encoded in ASCII code. What is the message?

1010100  1001111   1010000  0110101


  1. Consider the following string Mysubject :

Mysubject = “Computer Science”

What will be the output for the following string operations:

i) print(Mysubject[::2])

ii) print(Mysubject*3)

iii) print(Mysubject.swapcase())

iv) print(Mysubject[4:len(Mysubject):3]

25- What is the dual of:

i) A+ (BC) + (0(D+1))

ii) X’Y+X’+XY = 0

26- Draw a logic circuit diagram for the Boolean expression:

X= A’BC(A + D)’

27- Given the Boolean Function (ZX + Y’) (XY + Z’). Obtain the truth table of the function.

Section- II

28- State and verify Distributive Law in Boolean Algebra using truth table and algebraically.

29- The formula E – me states that the equivalent energy (E) can be calculated as the mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light (e= about 3 x 108 m/s) squared. Write a program that accepts the mass of an object and determines its energy

30- Write a program to input monthly income of an employee and calculates Anincome (Annual Income Taxpaid (Tax to be Paid) where Taxpaid is calculated on the basis of the following :-

AnIncome Taxrate (%)
>=600000 8
>=300000 and 600000 6
>150000 and < 300000 2
<150000 0

31- Write a program to accept a list and arrange the numbers in ascending order using bubble sort.



32- Write programs for the following using nested loops.

a) To print the sum of the following series is

S=1/2! – 2/4!+ 3/6! – 4/8! .. ….N/2N!

b) To accept a string and print the string in the following format,

For example: “Mary”





33- Answer the following questions

a) Draw a flowchart to find the sum of first 50 natural numbers.

b) What is the difference between Linker and Loader parts of a compiler?

c) What is application software? Why is it required?

d) Describe following Cyber Crimes :i) Cyber Bullying ii) Cyber Trolls

e) How are tuples different from lists when both are sequences? How can you say that a tuple is an ordered list of objects?

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