Informatics Practices Sample Paper Term 2 Class 12


Sample Question Paper


Maximum Marks: 35 Time: 2 hours

General Instructions

 The question paper is divided into 3 sections – A, B and C

 Section A, consists of 7 questions (1-7). Each question carries 2 marks.

 Section B, consists of 3 questions (8-10). Each question carries 3 marks.

 Section C, consists of 3 questions( 11-13). Each question carries 4 marks.

 Internal choices have been given for question numbers – 1 , 3, 8 and 12.


Section –A

Each question carries 2 marks

1. Aman, a freelance web site developer, has been assigned a task to design few web pages for a book shop. Help Aman in deciding out of static web page and dynamic web page, what kind of web pages should be designed by clearly differentiating between static and dynamic web pages on at least two points.



Static Web page Dynamic Web page
1. Content of this type of webpage cannot be changed
at run time.
1. Content of this type of webpage can be changed at
run time.
2. No interaction with server’s database is
possible in case of static web pages.
2. Interaction with server’s database is possible in case of
dynamic web pages.



Priyanka, a beginner in IT field has just started learning web technologies. Help her in understanding the difference between website and web pages with the help of a suitable general example of each.

Ans: The difference between a website and a web page is that a website is a collection of different web pages containing information on a particular topic. A web page is an individual page of a big website usually containing more specific information. If we compare a website with a book, then a webpage can be compared with a single page of that book.


2. (i)

I :

  • am a small text file
  • created on a user’s computer
  • contain small pieces of data — like a username, password and user’s browsing history as well as preferences
  • may help to improve user’s web browsing experience.

Who am I?

Ans: Cookies

(ii) Name any two popular web browsers.

Ans: Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome


3. Predict the output of the following queries:

i) Select power(5,3);

Ans: 125

ii) Select mod(5,3);

Ans: 2



Briefly explain the purpose of the following SQL functions:

i) power()

Ans: power(): It returns the value of a number raised to the power of another number.
For example:
Select power(5,3);
Output: 125

ii) mod()

mod(): It returns the remainder of a number divided by another number.
For example:
Select mod(5,3);
Output: 2


4. Navya has just created a website for her company and now need to host it. Briefly discuss the role of a web server in hosting a website.

Ans: Role of web server in hosting a website:
A web server is the main centralized computer system that hosts and runs the websites. It has a computer program that distributes web pages as they are requisitioned. The basic role of the web server is to store, process and deliver the web pages to the users as and when required.

5. Help Reshma in predicting the output of the following queries:

i) select round(8.72,3);

Ans: 8.720

ii) select round(9.8);

Ans: 10


6. Aryan, a database administrator, has grouped records of a table with the help of group by clause.

He needs to further filter groups of records generated through group by clause.

Suggest suitable clause for it and properly explain its usage with the help of an example.

Ans: Having clause is used to further filter those groups of records which will be generated through group by clause.
For example:
Select max(marks) from student group by classes having classes in (10,12);
Above given query will arrange records in groups according to the classes. Further filtering on these groups will happen through having clause, which will finally display the highest marks from classes 10 and 12.

7. Mr. Som, a HR Manager in a multinational company “Star-X world” has created the following table to store the records of employees:

Table: Emp

Eid EName Department DOB DOJ
Star1 Ivan Sales 1994-08-28 2020-02-14
Star2 Melinda IT 1997-10-15 2021-11-19
Star3 Raj Accounts 1998-10-02 2019-04-02
Star4 Michael Sales 2000-02-17 2020-05-01
Star5 Sajal IT 2001-12-05 2018-06-13
Star6 John Accounts 1995-01-03 2019-07-15
Star7 Julia Sales 1985-11-13 2020-08-19


He has written following queries:

i) select max(year(DOB)) from emp;

Ans: 2001

ii) select ENAME from emp where month(DOJ)=11;

Ans: Melinda

Predict the output.


Based on the table given above, help Mr. Som writing queries for the following task:

i) To display the name of eldest employee and his/her date of birth.

Ans: select ENAME,min(year(DOB)) from emp;

ii) To display the name of those employees whose joining month is May.

Ans: select ENAME from emp where month(DOJ)=5;



Each question carries 3 marks

8. Predict the output of the following queries:

i) select instr(‘[email protected]’,’.’);

ii) select substr(‘[email protected]’,7,4);

iii) select left(‘[email protected]’,5);



Ms.Saumya is working on a MySQL table named ‘Hotel’ having following structure:


She need to perform following task on the table:

i) To fetch last 2 characters from the user_id column.

ii) To display the values of name column in lower case.

iii) To display 3 characters from 3rd place from the column city.

Suggest suitable SQL function for the same. Also write the query to achieve the desired task.


9. Reena is working with functions of MySQL. Explain her following:

i) What is the purpose of now () function?

ii) How many parameters does it accept?

iii) What is the general format of its return type?


10. While dealing with string data type in MySQL, its observed that sometimes unnecessary space character comes in between which hampers the successful execution of a string manipulation module. Name the suitable MySQL function (s) to remove leading, trailing and both type of space characters from a string. Also give MySQL queries to depict the same.


Section C

Each question carries 4 marks

11. Carefully observe the following table named ‘stock’:

Table: stock

Pid PName Category Qty Price
1 Keyboard IO 15 450
2 Mouse IO 10 350
3 Wifi-router NW 5 2600
4 Switch NW 3 3000
5 Monitor O 10 4500
6 Printer O 4 17000


Write SQL queries for the following:

(a) To display the records in decreasing order of price.

(b) To display category and category wise total quantities of products.

(c) To display the category and its average price.

(d) To display category and category wise highest price of the products.


12. Satyam, a database analyst has created the following table:

Table: Student

RegNo SName Stream Optional Marks
S1001 Akshat Science CS 99
S1002 Harshit Commerce IP 95
S1003 Devika Humanities IP 100
S1004 Manreen Commerce IP 98
S1005 Gaurav Humanities IP 82
S1006 Saurav Science CS NULL
S1007 Bhaskar Science CS 95
S1007 Bhaskar Science CS 96


He has written following queries:

( a) select sum(MARKS) from student where OPTIONAL= ‘IP’ and STREAM= ‘Commerce’;

(b) select max(MARKS)+min(MARKS) from student where OPTIONAL= ‘CS’;

(c) select avg(MARKS) from student where OPTIONAL= ‘IP’;

(d) select length(SNAME) from student where MARKS is NULL;


Help him in predicting the output of the above given queries.



Based on the above given table named ‘Student’, Satyam has executed following queries:

Select count(*) from student;

Select count(MARKS) from student;

Predict the output of the above given queries.

Also give proper justifications of the output generated through each query.


13. “Anutulya Creations”-A start-up fashion house has set up its main centre at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh for its dress designing, production and dress supplying activities. It has 4 blocks of buildings.

Distance between the various blocks is as follows:

A to D 50 m

A to P 60 m

A to S 110m

D to S 60m

P to S 50m

P to D 150m

Numbers of computers in each block

Block A – 20

Block D – 80

Block P – 15

Block S – 8


Based on the above specifications, answer the following questions:

(a) Out of LAN, WAN and MAN, what type of network will be formed if we interconnect different computers of the campus? Justify.

(b) Suggest the topology which should be used to efficiently connect various blocks of buildings within Kanpur centre for fast communication.

Also draw the cable layout for the same.

(c) Suggest the placement of the following device with justification

  1. Repeater
  2. Hub/Switch

(d) Now a day, video-conferencing software is being used frequently by the company to discuss the product details with the clients. Name any one video conferencing software.

Also mention the protocol which is used internally in video conferencing software.

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