CBSE Sample Paper 12 2020-21 Business Studies half yearly

Half Yearly Examination (2020-21)


Time allowed: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks:80

All questions are compulsory.


  1. Define staffing.
  2. Name the function of staffing which ensures growth and development of people working in the organisation.
  3. Why is directing called a continuous process?
  4. Differentiate between motive and motivator.
  5. What is a deviation?
  6. Explain critical point control.
  7. Give one definition of marketing management.
  8. What do you mean by vestibule training?
  9. What is financial planning?
  10. What is residual profit?
  11. What is management by exception?
  12. Define supervision.
  13. Write any two responsibilities of customer.
  14. Give one slogan of consumer awareness.
  15. Define communication.
  16. Define capital structure.
  17. Give any two techniques of sales promotion.
  18. Define ‘Right to seek redressal’.
  19. Define Advertising.
  20. Define Non monetary incentive.


  1. Many owners of business enterprises feel that there is no need to plan for human resource. There are too many people available in the job market. Do you agree with them? Give reasons.
  2. Every organisation desires that it should have goodwill in the mind of all concerned. To establish goodwill, it is essential to have  Itis by way of dialogue that an organisation gets the necessary informations. How is it possible?
  3. Controlling is considered to be blind without planning and planning is meaningless without controlling. Explain.
  4. Explain the process of recruitment.


  1. Mr Deepak purchased a new motor bike for Rs 80 thousand and his friend Mr sahu purchased a new car for Rs 22 lakh. After a few days it was found that motor bike and car both were defective. They are thinking to whom they should complain about it. You suggest to both the solution to their problem.
  2. It is belief of suvidha garments Pvt Ltd that if the quality of goods/services is good then the customers can easily be attracted. The basis of this thinking is that the customers get attracted towards the product of good quality .on the basis of this thinking the company directs it’s marketing efforts towards improving the quality of its product. Identify the marketing philosophy.
  3. Pushpanjali Pvt Ltd is a renowned company manufacturing different kinds of gifts. Company is the need of some employees. Mr. Subhash Kathuria, H.R manager is keen to select such persons as are well equipped with the latest knowledge. He also desires that the area of selection should be extensive. In your opinion which source of recruitment should be used by H.R manager?
  1. Explain first four steps of the functions of marketing.
  2. Define Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation.
  3. Controlling is a systematic process involving series of steps. State the steps involved in the process.


  1. Explain the elements of marketing mix with example.
  2. Medline pharmacy Ltd has been earning handsome profit for the last many years consecutively. Company has to decide about the dividend to be declared this year. Company has enough Goodwill in the capital market. Keeping in view all these factors company decided to increase last year’s dividend by 20 percent. Which two components affecting dividend decision have been highlighted in the paragraph?
  1. Kritika is posted at lower level management at Libra cosmetic Ltd. The daily sale of the company is about Rs 50 lakh only. The company has given her the responsibility that the production work of the company should continue uninterrupted. The managing director has asked her to focus her attention especially on the speed and quality of production. She is doing her job efficiently. Her reputation is that of a successful leader she takes every decision after discussing it with all the concerned persons. Her subordinates are very happy with her. Identify the leadership style adopted by Kritika.
  1. Explain SWOT Analysis.
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