Practical File Class 11 IP Term 2

Practical File Class 11 IP Term 2

Data Management: SQL Commands

1. To create a database

2. To create a student table with the student id, class, section, gender, name, dob, and marks as attributes where the student id is the primary key.

3. To insert the details of at least 10 students in the above table.

4. To delete the details of a particular student in the above table.

5. To increase marks by 5% for those students who have Rno more than 20.

6. To display the entire content of the table.

7. To display Rno, Name and Marks of those students who are scoring marks more than 50.

8. To find the average of marks from the student table.

9. To find the number of students, who are from section ‘A’.

10. To add a new column email in the above table with appropriate data type.

11. To add the email ids of each student in the previously created email column.

12. To display the information of all the students, whose name starts with ‘AN’ (Examples: ANAND, ANGAD,..)

13. To display Rno, Name, DOB of those students who are born between ‘2005- 01-01’ and ‘2005-12-31’.

14. To display Rno, Name, DOB, Marks, Email of those male students in ascending order of their names.

15. To display Rno, Gender, Name, DOB, Marks, Email in descending order of their marks.

16. To display the unique section available in the table.


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